Quick… you know your clients better than anyone; think of three reasons why someone would book a massage.

Perhaps it is because they are experiencing lower back pain that is made better by massage. Maybe that person is an athlete and suffers many injuries, or maybe he or she just wants couple minutes of relaxation that they are not going to get anywhere else. Massages can help soothe sore muscles—only ten minutes can reduce inflammation which aids the body with recovery.

You can grow your business by learning why clients book with you. It’s easier to find more clients once you know what motivates someone to book with you in the first place.

Personal Gain

People book a massage because they want something. You are that therapist that gives your clients what they need. If someone is experiencing lower back pain or a lot of strain on the muscles, he or she wants you to relieve those symptoms—making the muscles limber and more relaxed. And there are those who lead stressful lives and want you to help get rid of the tension.

What this means for you is that your client depends on you to alleviate pressure, target problem areas and make them feel good on a whole. It sounds obvious, but sometimes it is easy to forget someone wants something from you. Your goal is make certain your client leaves the session feeling better than before.


Did you ever have that one client that you did not like all that much but you continued to smile and persist with sessions nonetheless? You thought he would go away and never come back, but just like clockwork; there he is right on time.  I bet you’ve wondered why. It’s because he enjoys the massage.

People want their massage experience to be pleasing. Not only is the massage enjoyable, if you are enjoyable to be around, chances are your clients will pick up on it and continue to use your services. A good massage should be a joyful experience that keeps customers coming back.

Social Influence

Did you know people are more likely to use a product or service their friends or family used in the past? How many times have you bought something just because your friends said it was the best thing since sliced bread?—More often than you probably care to think about!

You can use good-old fashioned word of mouth marketing by using Facebook or other social media.

Quick Tips for Using Facebook to Your Advantage:

  • If you do not have a Facebook public page for your massage business, then set one up. It takes only a few minutes and you’ll have it up and running. Be sure to have lots of photos and fill out all the information completely.
  • Advertise your page by including it in on your appointment/business cards.
  • Ask your clients to leave positive feedback if they are satisfied with the service.
  • If someone leaves negative feedback, work through the problem as quickly as you can.
  • It’s All About Them

    There’s no question your business is about helping people. Your clients want to feel special when they are with you, and you can accomplish that when:

  • You are friendly and professional.
  • You show that you care.
  • You listen.
  • You make every effort to give an enjoyable and relaxing experience.
  • Put the above mentioned mannerisms into practice, and no doubt you will have returning clients and referred ones as well.

    You are Their Massage Therapist

    People will continue to use your service—if you build a rapport with them, you become their massage therapist. Reward returning clients with punch cards, gift bags, or even chances to win a free session.

    Trust and Safety

    There are several ways to instill trust in all your clients:

  • Hang all your certifications in prominent locations. If you cannot hang them, be sure to mention them on your website.
  • Have a privacy policy in place.
  • Build trust and comfortableness. Give folks chances to ask questions and meet you before the actual massage. Allow them to tour your facility if you have one.
  • Massage has many subtle benefits, especially pleasure and relaxation. With these ideas in mind, you can turn clients into repeating customers and gain new ones in the process. You can build a strong reputation and a trustworthy business—just keep focusing on your clients, and the profits will roll in.