Email marketing is regarded as the most cost-effective and beneficial way to market your massage therapy business. With many programs such as MailChimp and MassageBook, it is simple to create engaging and relevant email campaigns. It is also significantly less expensive than traditional print advertising.

That being said, it’s important to remember a few key points when developing your email campaign. If not done properly, email marketing can become bothersome to your audience and damage your reputation. If you follow these simple strategies, you’ll be on the right track for a successful email campaign!

Building a List

First, you must remember that email marketing is opt-in only. The biggest mistake you can make is to send dozens of emails to random addresses. Your hard work will get deleted and marked as spam, and your efforts will have been wasted.

First, think of ways to build your email list from sources you already have. Again, emailing random addresses will only get you sent to spam folders and could ruin your efforts. Try these resources to start building your list:

  • Clients who have booked appointments through your website or directory listings such as MassageBook

  • New clients who book appointments over the phone

  • Subscribers to your blog page and/or newsletter

  • People who have contacted you from the “contact” page on your website

  • Potential clients who have emailed you directly

  • Previous clients whose information you have

  • People you’ve come in contact with through networking events or social media

Creating Content

Now that you have a list to get started with, it’s vital that you create interesting and engaging content. In fact, content should be your number one concern. Even if you have a rather large list of email addresses, without good content, your campaign will not succeed.

Segmentation for Targeted Marketing

For best results, consider segmenting your list into groups. For example – men, women, athletes, executives etc. This way you can target your content to address their specific needs, desires and “pain points” (bad pun?).

This ensures your emails are relevant to your audience. Include topics that would be of interest to them. For example, someone seeking a massage therapist might also want to know about different stretching techniques used to help relieve back pain.

Your email campaigns are also a great way to keep clients and potential clients in the loop about events you are participating in, specials and industry news.

Whatever the topic, ask yourself if it’s something you would want to read. Also, remember to avoid being pushy. Emails full of sales pitches can be a turnoff. People are bombarded with sales all day long, from junk mail to television commercials to radio commercials. The last thing folks want to do when relaxing at home is read another sales pitch. Obviously, including a call to action at the end of your email is important; just avoid being too sales-y. If you’ve provided good content, your readers will be more willing to reach out to you when in need of a massage and bodywork.

Determining Frequency

The next question is how often to send your emails. Bombarding people with your messages, even if the content is fabulous, can damage your campaign in the same way as sending them to random addresses. A good rule of thumb is to schedule your emails weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. If you’re using MassageBook, you can schedule your emails in advance, so that you don’t have to remember to send them each time they are due.

Adding Personalization

Finally, personalization is vital in your industry. Because massage therapy is such a personal experience, it’s important that your emails be the same. Always include the client or potential client’s name, and any details regarding their care, when possible. Clients love personal touches, so this will make you stand out from the rest and will keep you top-of-mind.

Email marketing can be the greatest tool you have to reach potential clients, and retain existing ones. Done correctly, it can give you an edge over your competitors and help you grow your business.

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