If you have other successful massage therapists in your area, then you’ve most likely experienced some long hours of exertion and giving it your all to keep up with the competition.

Maybe you’re already one of the top massage therapists in your area and want to keep that coveted spot, or perhaps you’re a newcomer scratching your head and trying to optimize your marketing so you stand a fighting chance of attracting new clients.

Your practice is your labor of love, and the last thing you’d want is to come up empty-handed after spending time, money and energy to grow your massage practice.

Let’s face it — the massage business is a tough one to gain traction in. While the health and wellness benefits of massage are clear to you, many still see it as a luxury service and an indulgence.

Marketing your massage business means both educating prospective clients and creating a higher level of awareness for your practice. No small task to undertake!

You’re in luck because we’re about to offer you some massage marketing tips to follow that will help you get leads, increase repeat business, and grow your massage business into the thriving practice you’ve envisioned.

Read on to find out how you can start applying these marketing techniques to your massage practice.

1. Post Personal Testimonials and Reviews

We get it — just because you open up shop and create a website doesn’t mean that new clients will begin flooding in. People are naturally skeptical and have a lot of options, so you’re going to have to go out and make an effort to get the wheels turning and build your list of loyal repeat customers that every healthy business relies on.

They’re the bread and butter of your business, and it’s a relationship that is often built on trust.

You’ll gain the trust of potential clients quickly if you leverage the word of your past customers. A simple referral, online review, or testimonial can mean the world to your business.

People trust the word of their friends and family more than anyone else. It’s up to you to get those people to start talking about your business to their circle.

So how do you do that? One word: ask!

Don’t be shy with your customers about how valuable passing the word on is for you. Incentivize them to do so by offering freebies, discounts, and more in exchange for referrals.

Customers are often happy to pass the word along and will be more likely to do so when you also make it worth their time. Simply asking your existing happy clients could lead to more new clients on your table!

To boost the number of online reviews received, you should also consider an automated solution to gather reviews from satisfied clients. MassageBook’s reviews collection solution does exactly that and posts those reviews on your website and Google. All without any additional effort from you!

2. Add Some Personality

Do you want to really connect with people? Take some time to add more personality to your practice.

Physical touch is an intimate thing, even in the professional sense. If you’re asking your clients to trust you in this way, you should make your business more personable as a whole.

Get on video, share names, and speak freely about what you do and your passion for massage. Hold events in your community and online, and always put a face to your company.

When customers feel like they know who they’re doing business with, they’re more likely to feel a connection with you and be more at ease booking their first appointment with you.

This might also mean taking an unconventional approach… be yourself!

The way you relate to your audience is one-of-a-kind, so figure out how to express that through your marketing.

3. Include Your Business in Massage Therapy Directories

If you’re looking for leads, you should go where the customers are. The best way to go about this is by including your business in massage therapy directories.

Directories are a great way to boost your visibility and attract people looking for professional massage therapists and businesses. The bonus: popular directories like MassageBook get high conversion rates since your customers are already looking for what you offer.

Research and add your business to massage directories that are a good fit for your practice and rank well in web searches. They can be an effective way to market your massage practice without having to do anything beyond creating a professional looking listing.

Be sure to complete your profile, include quality photos, and include all relevant information about your business, hours, services and fees, as well as a way for new clients to book an appointment with you online.

MassageBook offers an amazing opportunity to include your business in our popular massage directory - get your free listing now!

4. Optimize Your Massage Website and Include Booking Capability

How many times have you looked at your massage practice’s website, wondering whether it was actually helping grow your business?

If you don’t offer online booking through your website, it’s almost impossible to know…

The solution for making your website work for you 24-7?

Simple - include the ability for clients to book online!

Most people strongly prefer to do business online these days. If they can book on your site, it can be done when it’s convenient for them so they can find open appointments and book an appointment on their own time.

This not only helps your clients, but it helps you as well. Automating certain aspects of your business such as online booking can free up time for other activities. Many booking tools will send appointment confirmations and reminders as well which can help reduce no-shows, saving you time and money.

5. Provide Incentives to Increase Bookings

We understand - you work hard and deserve compensation for your efforts. However, freebies or discounts can be an excellent marketing investment when used correctly.

Giving someone a taste of what you do costs you very little, but makes them much, much more likely to come see you or refer someone else in the future.

Make discounts and giveaways a key strategy to drive new clients in your doors and onto your table. It works.

Publish free events or giveaways on massage flyers, blogs, social media pages, and all around the web.

You could offer free mini massages, which could be an amazing foot-in-the-door offer that gives you the opportunity to let your hands do the selling! After all, who could say no to that!

Some massage therapists have found success going to local offices or events like 5K races and offering free 10 minute massages. Imagine how many new potential clients you could connect with in just one hour! As a wise fisherman once said, “Fish where the fish are.”

Sometimes you have to give to get and this could be a way to fill those empty slots in your schedule.

Take Your Massage Marketing Results to the Next Level

These massage marketing tips can really help you get more from your practice. How many times have you heard about online marketing and how it can help your business?

More importantly, how many times have you done something about it?

You’re busy and have your own way of doing things. We don’t want to change what you do, we simply provide you with time proven-tools to market and build your massage business. All with less time, energy and stress.

To learn more about MassageBook’s massage business software and how it can revolutionize your massage business, get in touch online or give us a call at (843) 352-2026.