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Business Features

Get listed for free on the MassageBook search directory.

Free Business Website Listing

People are looking for you – stop hiding! Every small business struggles with the same problem: How do I get myself in front of people who are looking for my services? Your free MassageBook business website and listing powers you through the internet jungle to get you noticed.

Customize your free massage business website with MassageBook

Free Business Website

Get more bookings with a free and beautiful MassageBook website. Customizable and full-featured, your web presence and image will be top notch. Reviews, a service menu, online booking and gift certificates are automatically integrated and work together seamlessly to generate your practice more bookings and more income with less effort.

Manage your bodywork massage business with MassageBook's online scheduler and mobile app business management software.

Scheduling Software

Become the master of your schedule. Let’s face it. Your calendar is your life. If you’ve ever felt like staying on top of your schedule is a full-time job in itself, we think you’re going to love how MassageBook works to simplify and control your schedule.

MassageBook's SOAP Notes feature comes with our business management software.

SOAP Notes

Goodbye paper: Free, simple and effective SOAP notes. SOAP notes are not only a great way to keep track of your clients’ progress, they‘re required if you’re considering doing any insurance billing. MassageBook SOAP notes are easy to use and seamlessly tied to each client’s appointment records, making it easy find past notes and create new ones for a full historical view. They’re also ultra secure and HIPAA compliant so you’ll never have to worry about security issues.

MassageBook Client Intake Forms

Client Intake Forms

Intake forms serve an important purpose, but are often disliked by both clients and massage therapists alike. Clients hate wasting time filling out paperwork when they’d rather be on your table, and you have to remember important intake  information for follow up sessions as well as keeping track of all that paper.  MassageBook’s digital intake forms allow your clients to fill out their intake forms online, when it’s convenient for them. You’ll love and appreciate being alerted to contraindications and medications directly from appointment on your schedule, and always having a client’s intake form just a few clicks away!

MassageBook Features - Easy Online Booking

Online Scheduler

Let clients book their own appointments. The modern fact is that most people don’t have time to play phone tag trying to book an appointment. In fact, most prefer to book online. What’s good for them is great for you – no calls, no missed opportunities. Just another happy client on your schedule.

Give your clients appointment reminders through text and email with MassageBook's online business management software.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no shows with email confirmations and text and email reminders. Clients aren’t perfect. Even the best of us have times when we just forget about appointments. MassageBook has a list of features designed to politely yet effectively make sure your clients won’t stand you up.


Client Database

Better client management results in faster growth. After seeing clients for the first time, the health of your business very much depends on how effective you are in getting that client to come back and see you again (and again). MassageBook tracks clients’ activity carefully to help grow the number of regular returning clients as well as providing a single place to track client specific information, including appointment history, contact information, messages, SOAP notes, intake forms and accounting records.


Email Marketing

Email marketing: The Client Whisperer. Can your clients hear you? How often do they typically hear from you? If you’re like most, you drop the ball on what is the easiest AND most effective way to boost sales. Targeted email marketing has proven to increase return visits, the frequency of visits, referrals, reviews, and gift certificate sales. MassageBook is there with a seamlessly integrated email campaign engine that lets you easily create your own beautiful emails and target specific types of clients at the right time to get you booked solid!

MassageBook's credit card swipe fee as low as 2.75%

Credit Card Payments

2.75% per swipe . No hidden fees. The easiest and cheapest payment processing solution for small business has been Square. Until now, that is. While MassageBook matches the uncomplicated setup and low cost of Square, MassageBook does one better. With seamless accounting integration in MassageBook that connects all the dots between scheduling, billing and client history, processing credit cards in MassageBook keeps your book keeping and client record keeping simple, clean and organized.

MassageBook Features - Facebook Integration - Display your business website on your Facebook page

Facebook Integration

We put the “book” in Facebook. Facebook. You certainly know what it is, but are you using it to drive new business to your business? What if someone told you it just took less than 5 clicks to display your entire business website within Facebook – including online booking? Magic? Nah. Just another amazingly useful tool MassageBook provides to help grow your practice.


Phones & Tablets

Portable solutions. The future is here. Run your practice on an iPad or any mobile device. The freedom to manage your business wherever and whenever you wish…


SEO Optimization

Yoo-Hooo… Google – I’m here! A powerful ally in achieving the goal of being discovered on the interwebs is Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It takes a lot of thought, time and work to land high local rankings in search engines, and MassageBook’s ongoing efforts to build your web presence help boost your rank in Google and other search sites like Yahoo and Bing.

Sell massage bodywork as gift certificates for client's friends and family. Give the gift of a massage!

Gift Certificates

Gift certificate sales boost profits. Gift certificates are one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your business. They bring both cash and new clients in the door. MassageBook makes creating, selling, redeeming and tracking gift certificates a breeze, giving your business even more powerful opportunities for growth.

Massagebook - Features - Outcall Settings

Outcall Booking

Online booking for Outcalls – No way! Yes way. We know outcall bookings have a whole different set of criteria that need to be taken into account. Like location (you may not want to work in certain parts of town), driving distance (limit drive time to no more than a certain number of miles), down time between outcall appointments (you need to time to regroup and get to the next appointment) and more. It can get complex quickly. MassageBook has taken all that and more into account and can now allow people to find and book you for outcall appointments online – without worry!

Individual Features


Free Individual Website Listing

Let the world know you’re special! When people are looking for their next massage or bodywork session, what they really want to know is who will be working on them. Your individual profile on MassageBook will tell them. Whether your a solo practice owner, or are employed at a business, you’ll benefit from having your personal profile on MassageBook.



Collect and use reviews to boost your reputation. You’ve heard it said that “Reputation is everything”. It’s true. But how to build a personal reputation and then, equally as important – how to leverage it to drive your career forward? MassageBook has the unique ability to collect reviews for service providers as well as for the business, making it easy for individuals to build their reputation, increase their local rank, and attract more clients to wherever they work.


Manage Your Availability

Simply control and manage your crazy schedule(s). MassageBook was written specifically with the bodywork professional in mind. In the real world, bodyworkers often work in multiple places and may even operate their own outcall business on the side. Much thought went into supporting and simplifying the management of virtually all combinations of scheduling scenarios. Go ahead – just try and give us a challenge we can’t handle!



Everything’s going to be ok. You are not alone. If you’ve been a Bodyworker for any length of time, then you know that building a career or business in our wonderful field is not all roses and rainbows. While it can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling work, there are plenty of times where you may wish you had someone to help answer some questions, lend a compassionate ear to your troubles, or help inspire you with new ideas. That’s what the MassageBook community is all about.



Good jobs just got easier to find. Finding the right job is like finding the right person to share your life with. You’re going to spend a lot of time working, so you need to make sure its going to be a good match. MassageBook searches the internet for job opportunities in your local area, simplifying the task of narrowing down the field of likely candidates and saving you time and aggravation.

Purchase the products you need for your massage business practice from MassageBook's online massage supply store, iKnead.

iKnead Shopping

Great prices on the products you already know and trust. The iKnead store in MassageBook offers a convenient place to get what you need – and offers a few lovely benefits along the way. Currently in it’s early stages, you’ll see the iKnead store grow rapidly to include many of the popular products you’re already familiar with.