Our mission

Becoming a successful bodyworker in today’s world takes much more than just great technique. The problem is that while the world could benefit from more skilled bodywork, too many talented individuals who are passionate about helping their clients are failing to make a living doing what they love. While data shows a large number of massage, reflexology and esthetician school students graduating each year, precious few are able to make the leap to building their own successful businesses.

The rapid growth of massage franchises has helped many stay employed in their chosen field and has demonstrated the growing public demand for professional massage and bodywork. The rapid corporatization of bodywork services is, however, making the individual dream of operating a small independent practice more difficult to achieve.

To compete effectively for bodywork clients, small practice owners need professional tools to help them attract and retain customers and manage their businesses.

MassageBook is a solution for the courageous independent bodyworker who needs to compete effectively with those businesses that have more money business experience and resources than they do.

We are committed to helping independent bodyworkers build thriving businesses. Our mission is to find bodyworkers who want to call their own shots , teach them how to grow the practice of their dreams, provide them with the software tools they need, and then let them focus on doing what they love – helping people feel better.

We believe that passionate, talented bodyworkers who love what they do will spread happiness and good throughout the world. Our mission is to make sure that happens. If you’re talented and passionate about bodywork, and could use a little help growing an independent business, we sure would love for you to join us.

Our History

1993 – 1998

Life as a Massage Therapist

Mark Volkmann opens a massage practice in Atlanta, GA. He learns first hand the challenges a one man bodywork operation faces. He cobbles together a system of paper and software that works, but knows there’s a better solution to be discovered to help attract and retain clients, stay on top of a busy schedule and manage the financial books.

1998 – 2006

Massage Warehouse is born

Unable to work for a lengthy period due to a bicycle accident, Mr. Volkmann recognizes the problem bodywork professionals are facing without a centralized place to inexpensively purchase all their supplies and opens Massage Warehouse. During the eight years he led the team there, it became clear that too many talented massage therapists were going out of business because they lacked the business skills required to succeed and thus had to abandon their passion. He committed to help build a system that would help small practice owners succeed and reward skill and friendliness above big marketing budgets.

2007 – 2010

The Thinking Years

After exiting Massage Warehouse, Mark is still possessed with the need to find a way to help bodyworkers succeed. Much time is spent during these years changing diapers, learning what it means to be a father, and always thinking of the best solution for the problems that face bodyworkers and small practice owners.


MassageBook, the success sytem for bodyworkers is born

After years of planning and architecting what this solution would look like and do, MassageBook is launched. Customer feedback is incredible and helps in continuing to develop MassageBook into a software solution that meets the many unique needs of bodyworkers better than anything available prior.

MassageBook grows rapidly and continues to add new features that further add to its already unique position as the leader in software designed specifically for bodywork professionals.


Education for bodywork business owners

Honoring the commitment to find meaningful ways to help small practices grow, MassageBook opens its MBA program (Massage Book Academy). The MBA curriculum focuses on teaching the business skills required to build and operate a thriving business.


Where is MassageBook headed?

MassageBook will continue its focus on building a comprehensive success system for professional bodyworkers. The system will undoubtedly mean continued development of its industry leading software as well as the ongoing development of educational courses that ensure skilled massage therapists and bodyworkers are able to build thriving businesses in an ever more competitive world.

Our Team


Mark Volkmann

Founder / CEO

Mark went to the US Merchant Marine Academy before completing his formal education at the University of Miami where he studied finance and business administration. After the financial markets failed to fill him with a sense of greater purpose, he moved to Atlanta where he attended massage school and pursued a career as a professional massage therapist. After growing his independent practice into a thriving business over five years, he founded Massage Warehouse where he acted as CEO until he exited in 2006.

After spending some time starting a family on the west coast, he settled in Charleston, SC, where he founded MassageBook with the purpose of helping small bodywork practice owners and the bodywork profession as a whole flourish and mature. He serves as CEO, ensures that the massage therapists voice is always heard, and that the office has tasty snacks on hand.


James Tetler


James is a Massachusetts native and a graduate of Tufts University where he majored in Computer Science. After consulting for several years, he worked for startups developing software for the finance industry. After one too many winters spent with snow in his boots, James packed up and moved to Charleston in search of fairer weather. When he’s not making MassageBook better you can find James on the water, the softball field, or in the gym preaching about proper rowing ergometer technique.


Wyatt Bricca

Product Manager

Wyatt is a jazzy man. He grew up in the foggy hills of San Francisco before heading up north to go to school at the University of Washington in Seattle. After dabbling in non-profit work in India and China, he settled in Charleston.

Wyatt plays stringed instruments and can speak some decent Mandarin. On the weekends, he likes to kick back and have total nervous breakdowns over insignificant mid-season sporting events.

At MassageBook, Wyatt has been a powerful force of good since the beginning and has juggled lots and lots of hats. His deep compassion for, and tireless efforts on behalf of MassageBookers is truly inspiring to the rest of us. He is coveted for his soul warming hugs.


Zeke Lowell

Quality Assurance

Zeke was born and grew up in the small town of Hancock New Hampshire on a dirt road ending at a lake; a love for the outdoors was developed at an early age. After studying communications and media studies at Plymouth State University in the White Mountains, Zeke moved to Charleston SC to be closer to family who had migrated south. A jack of many trades, he has spent the last 6 years in a customer support role testing and finding creative solutions to user problems. When he’s not testing and hunting down bugs you can probably find him on the podium at beard and mustache competitions across the country. Movember is 12 months out of the year for him.


Scott Brawner


Scott is an infrastructure and ops specialist with over 15 years of experience with enterprise architecture. He has worked for multinationals, software companies and defense contractors. Scott discovered his love for all things digital at an early age, programming terrible games and taking things apart to find out how they worked. In his spare time, Scott takes things apart to find out how they work. Beware the person who sits next to him and leaves a gadget out.


Rachel Wallace

Customer Success

A Charleston native who never meets a stranger, Rachel has an earnest desire to come alongside others on their journey to fulfill their life’s purpose. This passion is what allowed her to thrive in multiple roles in the field of higher education prior to joining the MassageBook family. Rachel is dedicated to extending Southern hospitality and building trusted relationships with our amazing users in her role as a Customer Success Manager. Always on the quest to make a difference, her personal interests include youth mentoring, community outreach, and engaging in meaningful conversations with family and friends over a delicious meal.

Kyle Cannon - MassageBook Support

Kyle Cannon


As a lifelong Southerner, Kyle likes to think his heritage has taught him a thing or two about excelling at hospitality. From his days as a Student Ambassador at the University of North Carolina Wilmington to his time writing about and interviewing musicians touring through Charleston, his upbeat, informative and easygoing mood blends the barrier between casual and professional. Whether it was working at a beach resort or for the world’s most famous coffee shop, he learned that upholding the values of each company while delivering a top quality product with the aim of always exceeding the customer experience produces exceptional results. Even though the game is a bit different at MassageBook, the same rules still apply. When he’s not interacting with and assisting our awesome members, Kyle keeps busy with the finer things in life such as chowing down at the best BBQ joints in town, collecting vinyl records, and rescuing cats & dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Kristen Hill - MassageBook Support

Kristen Hill


Kristen is a born and raised Southerner who has lived her whole life in the Low-country of South Carolina. She received her Associates in Science from Trident Technical College and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the College of Charleston. She is also a 4-H alumni in which she has much to owe for developing her love of Biology, meeting new people, and baking her two-time state winning cinnamon rolls.

As a Charlestonian, she loves to give directions, restaurant, and entertainment suggestions to anyone visiting our beautiful city. She is a good source for getting around the town thanks to her being a volunteer for the Charleston Police Department in their Community Service Unit.

Kristen has worked in environments where others needs coming first was seen as an opportunity for happiness and success rather than a necessity. She loves to make sure you and your business are taken care of in her role of Customer Success Manager. If not controlled, she will add a smiley face at the end of every sentence in her support email response to you.

Gregory Jacobs - MassageBook Engineering

Gregory Jacobs

UI / UX Engineer

Mostly considered a “Multimedia Specialist” for his variety of skills in computers; including Website Design, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Programming, Database Management, Animation and 3D Design. Gregory was born and raised in Charleston, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Media Arts from the University of South Carolina.

Clay Lundy - MassageBook Engineering

Clay Lundy


After working as a Chemist for five years, Clay traded his lab coat for a keyboard and a career in software development. Clay graduated from Francis Marion University with a BS in Chemistry and Computer Science.