Online Appointment Scheduling

Let clients book, pay, and tip online

The modern fact is that most people don’t have time to play phone tag. Many prefer to book their appointments online anyway. What’s good for them is great for you. No more missed calls. No more missed opportunities. And yes, no more double bookings. Just another happy client on your schedule.

Easy 1-2-3 online booking for clients

Clients can use their computer, tablet, or phone to select a service, provider, and opening based on real-time availability you've set up in MassageBook. It's that simple! Plus, they can pay and tip (optional) for appointments in advance. So now, all they have to do after a session is get off the table, get dressed, and simply walk out the door.

Choose which clients can book online

Existing clients only? New clients too? Your choice. Each client must enter an email address when they book online. Then, MassageBook looks for a matching one in your client database to determine the client's status and whether or not they're allowed to book an appointment.

Only accept appointments that fit within your rules

Don't like surprise clients showing up on your schedule at the last minute? MassageBook lets you specify how much advance notice you need and won't let clients book within that window. Or, you can set your time to zero to welcome clients looking for a last-minute massage fix. You can even control the start time intervals offered to clients and how far into the future appointments can be booked.

Prevent annoying long breaks between appointments Premium

Suppose you're worried about clients booking scattered timeslots that create wasted time on your schedule. In that case, you'll love Minimize Gaps. This online scheduling feature automatically and intelligently modifies how your openings appear so that clients can only pick appointment times near existing appointments. How's that for efficiency?

Hide availability when you have plenty of room to spare Premium

There are bound to be slow times here and there. But just because your schedule is wide open doesn't mean clients need to know that too. That's why we've created Make Me Look Busy. This online scheduling feature gives you the flexibility to quickly hide available times. Simply pick a number of your choice — and just like that — clients will see only a percentage of what you have open.

Collect payments and tips ahead of time

Prepayment rules help enforce your cancellation policy and streamline the post-massage checkout process for clients. You simply pick which clients (new and/or existing) must prepay to reserve their appointments and whether or not tips can be included with online payments. Full and partial prepayments are supported.

Online booking for outcall services made easy

If you travel to clients to provide outcall services, MassageBook is for you. Set the max distance you're willing to drive, select the towns and cities where you're available, and enter the before and after travel time to factor into your schedule. Outcall services can only be booked online if the client's address and preferred appointment time fit within your settings.

Give clients control of their appointments

MassageBook isn't here to make only your life easier. We're here to do the same for your clients. Tracking and managing appointments is as simple as signing in on your MassageBook website. So if something comes up and a client can't make their appointment, they can reschedule or cancel on their own outside 24 hours. Even better, rebooking past services and paying for upcoming ones are equally convenient.

Works seamlessly with your existing website Premium

Already have your own website? No problem. Simple-to-use website integration tools make adding your booking page easy. No techie skills are required. Simply copy and paste a few lines of code provided for you — and presto — you’ve just added online booking to your website!

No More Phone Tag... My Clients Love Booking Online

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