SOAP Notes in Seconds

Faster, More Detailed, and More Useful Massage Therapy SOAP Notes Are Finally Here

Massage SOAP Notes

Easily Record Client Notes
from Intake to Checkout

You’ll be prepared for your clients with intake forms
and SOAP notes that are always a click away

Streamline Your Entire Day with MassageBook’s SOAP Notes and Digital Intake Forms

Start using HIPAA compliant and ultra secure digital SOAP notes today – for FREE!

Electronic SOAP notes save loads of time and automatically keep themselves organized with client records.

HIPAA compliant and ultra secure, there’s really no good reason to maintain paper records anymore.

While the Free version won’t allow you to mark up the anatomical drawings like the premium version, you can still drill through muscle layers and create as many notes as you like for clients.

Features that make this possible

SOAP notes that almost write themselves!

Premium SOAP notes add another level of sophistication without adding complexity. Place notes anywhere on the anatomy and immediately reference them directly from the written SOAP note. Even draw right on the anatomical figure!

Either write notes manually, or save time and adhere to a consistent writing format by selecting the “Auto-create” option. This steps you through a simple form which is converted into written sentences automatically.

Features that make this possible

Imagine the time you save when completed digital intake forms arrive before your client

Review and evaluate a new client’s intake form BEFORE they show up, saving you and your client time - and ensuring a professional experience for your first-timers.

Clients receive email requests after making their appointment and are asked to complete a secure online intake form with liability waiver.

Intake forms and liability waivers are customizable to ensure they’re consistent with the way you want them to be.

Features that make this possible

Key client information - right where you need it.

SOAP notes and Intake Forms are automatically attached to each client’s records and can be easily accessed from the Client Management section - or directly from a client’s appointment on the schedule.

Client’s medications and contraindications are displayed right on your schedule, so you’ll never be caught off guard.

Features that make this possible

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