Scheduling Software

Become the master of your schedule.

Let’s face it. Your calendar is your life. If you’ve ever felt like staying on top of your schedule is a full-time job in itself, we think you’re going to love how MassageBook works to simplify and control your schedule.

Control your availability

As a Bodyworker your availability may have special constraints. Prevent burnout, surprises and injury by capping the number of appointments you’ll accept.

  • Limit the number of hours you want to work each day
  • Limit the number of total daily appointments you’ll accept

Manage in-office, outcall and on-call staff schedules

If you have multiple staff on your team, you know scheduling can easily become a mess. Staff can sign in to their own accounts from anywhere and manage their own availability. You control their permissions.

  • View real time availability of all staff, even on-call staff
  • Manage even complex staff scheduling scenarios easily

Book and track series

You just sold a client a 5 visit series and want to track their usage over time? No problem!

  • Easily sell and track a series of services for a client
  • Never have to wonder what visit number a client is on again

Create recurring appointments

Your favorite clients come back to see you like clockwork. Don’t risk double booking their spot by automatically creating a string of repeat visits in the future.

  • Repeat an appointment on any regular pattern they wish

Create custom reminders and notes for clients

One client has a nut oil allergy, another only likes to listen to classical music, another prefers the lavender/peppermint essential oil blend. How ever will you remember?

  • Create custom reminders that display with clients’ booking

Email clients notices of schedule changes

Any new booking or change in appointment date or time will automatically send clients a notice of the change to avoid any confusion.

  • Prevent miscommunication of schedule changes
  • Automatic notifications may be turned off if you prefer

Sync MassageBook with Google Calendar

You have an appointment on your phone calendar and you want to make sure the time is blocked off your MassageBook schedule of availability as well? You can do that and more with MassageBook’s Calendar sync feature. A great way to avoid conflicts between your MassageBook schedule and your other calendars.

No More Phone Tag... My Clients Love Booking Online

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