Manage clients, schedules, marketing, even a website with a single, simple solution.

Works with
New! Looking for massage membership management software? Now included in every pricing plan!


A scheduling solution for one or many so that you can stay organized and manage your appointments from wherever you are.

Manage your schedule in
less than half the time.

MassageBook Scheduling works like massage therapists and bodyworkers do.

Finally, you’ll have the flexibility of a manual paper-based scheduling system - but with all the benefits of an efficient and automated software based scheduling system.

Create new appointments in a flash, accept online bookings only when you want to, manage your ever changing availability, automate sending appointment reminders (optional), easily check clients out no matter how they pay, and access your schedule from anywhere - even from your phone.

With MassageBook scheduling, it’s not just possible — it's easy.

The amazing part? MassageBook scheduling is free for your first year.



Seamlessly integrated, easy to use tools to attract new clients, bring existing clients back more often, and sell more Gift Certificates.

MassageBook directory of massage therapists.

Grow your practice.
Increase your income.

MassageBook’s built-in marketing tools keep you busy and earning more.

The MassageBook directory marketing program can send you new clients while MassageBook’s email marketing and email automation bring clients back.

Marketing as a massage therapist or bodyworker has never been so easy or effective. Creating and sending emails can be done in a few minutes, and having it all in one place means everything is organized and tracked perfectly.

Sell more Gift Certificates by offering them for sale online and in your office. MassageBook’s Gift Certificates feature beautiful templates, are easy to create, and can boost holiday sales significantly.

Turn on MassageBook Marketing, and you'll be on your way to more profitable and streamlined marketing for your massage or bodywork practice.

The secret’s out - now you know how other MT’s make it look easy.



A free website that tells the world you’re a professional and converts visitors into paying clients.

Manage your bodywork practice scheduling and appointments on multiple devices with MassageBook.

Launch a money making website
in just a few minutes.

You’re no programmer, so we did the work for you.

A full-featured MassageBook website is beautiful - and easy to create.

Present your massage or bodywork practice as a professional, modern business and make it easy for visitors to review your services, and even book and pay online for services and gift certificates.

Built with SEO in mind, a MassageBook website even helps you get ranked in local Google searches, driving more new clients your way.

Your website is seamlessly integrated with the rest of MassageBook's features, ensuring that your schedule is always updated in real time. Any changes you make to services, pricing, and availability are immediately reflected on your website.

Welcome to the happier side of having a great website.

MassageBook websites are free.


SOAP Notes

Streamline your practice and save time and stress with MassageBook’s SOAP notes and digital intake forms.

Manage your bodywork practice scheduling and appointments on multiple devices with MassageBook.

Streamline SOAP note taking
and intake form completion.

SOAP notes and intake forms take a lot of paperwork and time. We fixed that.

Imagine how much time you’d save if new clients showed up and you already had their completed intake form…

Now imagine being able to write proper SOAP notes quickly and never having to search for them again…

Not only will you save gobs of time, you’ll find everything perfectly organized and just a click away.

MassageBook offers two versions of digital SOAP notes, and the basic version is free!



Take payments on your website and in person
using your computer, tablet, or phone.

Take payments on your website and in person using your computer, tablet, or phone by connecting your Square or Stripe account to MassageBook.

Accept all forms of payment.

You love what you do, but you still need to get paid, right?

By connecting a Square or Stripe account to MassageBook, your practice can accept any type of payment on your website or at checkout.

Accept credit cards, gift certificates, gift cards, or HSA/FSA cards, either at the time the appointment is made or in person. * Cash and check payments do not require connecting a payments processor.

MassageBook stores a record of every transaction, including tips, making it easy to view a client’s full payment history. Sales reports are accurate to the penny.

And card processing fees?

You simply pay Square or Stripe’s usual rates, like Square’s 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe, dip or tap.

The best part? Setup is so simple you can accept payments today and money is in your bank account in only 2 business days.

Now you can get back to focusing on your clients, and let MassageBook handle the rest.

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