Email Marketing

Email marketing: The Client Whisperer.

Can your clients hear you? How often do they typically hear from you? If you’re like most, you drop the ball on what is the easiest AND most effective way to boost sales. Targeted email marketing has proven to increase return visits, the frequency of visits, referrals, reviews, and gift certificate sales. MassageBook is there with a seamlessly integrated email campaign engine that lets you easily create your own beautiful emails and target specific types of clients at the right time to get you booked solid!

Create beautiful emails with pre-made templates

Whether you have a client list in Google contacts or another scheduling software package, MassageBook makes it easy to get your client data into the MassageBook Client Database. Once there, a world of opportunity exists to maximize both the experience your clients have with your business and the ability to target specific parts of your client list with email campaigns to get missing clients back and to get existing ones referring you to their friends.

Select exactly which clients get an email campaign

The fact is that not all your clients are the same. Women, men, regulars, awesome clients, influential clients, athletes, executives – should they all be spoken to the same? With the information you collect and create in MassageBook, you’re able to send specific messages to specific types of clients. Want to send a “Mom’s Only” special out? No problem. How about an email to all your regular executive clients with a promotion exclusively for their coworkers to come see you? Done. It’s called target marketing, and with it you just uncovered a goldmine of opportunity to grow your business.

Track the success of email campaigns

You just sent an email campaign off to a bunch of your clients. Now what? MassageBook shows you exactly how many emails were opened and clicked so you can see exactly what happens after those emails have been sent. Useful? Heck yes! Now you can experiment with different messages and start doing more of what you see working and less of what isn’t.

AutoPilot automates your email marketing

There are a ton of things to remember when running a business. If you’re like most, many of the things you just don’t get to are precisely the things that would help you grow your business. Arrgh! AutoPilot is like having a round the clock employee who has an insane memory and never forgets to send the right email to the right person at the right time. AutoPilot gently, regularly and politely stays in touch with your clients to get them coming back and buying more from you. That means less time stressing about remembering all the things you’re supposed to be doing and more time working with clients and getting paid.

No More Phone Tag... My Clients Love Booking Online

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