In the age of Uber and Facebook, most clients expect to be able to book and manage their massage appointments online.

The global consulting firm, Accenture Consulting, even predicts that by 2019, 64% of clients will book their health appointments using digital tools.

If you want to build or manage a thriving massage practice, you don’t have a choice anymore - you need to provide an online booking solution to your clients.

But now the question!

Which massage software will work best for me and my practice?

What you DO know is that you don’t have the time, money or patience to try several or to switch between options periodically.

So this is where we come in, so let’s see if we can’t help.


MassageBook and FullSlate are two popular solutions for massage practices.

Highlighting some of the differences should help you decide which is best for you and help to make your decision clearer.

Background: MassageBook


On the MassageBook side of things, it’s a simple yet powerful web-based massage software that simplifies the most stressful parts of your entire business—from online scheduling to marketing. Yep that’s right marketing!

MassageBook has been in operation since 2013 and created by Mark Volkmann, who was the previous owner of Massage Warehouse and is a bodywork professional himself.

MassageBook has grown to be one of the most highly regarded and trusted massage and bodywork software solutions for massage and bodywork practices with less than 15 staff.

Independent massage therapists and growing bodywork practices can vouch for the software’s user-friendly simplicity, customizable functionality and robust features.

Background: FullSlate


FullSlate, on the other hand, has been in the online software business a little bit longer. Its long history includes multiple changes of ownership and software improvements that also comes along with the new management.

The current ownership of FullSlate is with Intuit, the maker of Quicken and online account software company.

Its platform is designed to be generic and can support basic scheduling needs for service-based businesses - from dentists to psychiatrists. Its goal is to make appointment scheduling easy to use for small business owners.

To be a competitive massage software solution, you now need to have more than just a robust online booking feature, you need much more to stand out in the crowd.

The Side by Side Comparison

To get a useful and objective review, we standardized the criteria to gauge both massage practice management software solutions: Ease of use, Functionality and Value.

  1. Software Ease of Use

From initial account sign-up, to the using the software itself, getting started is pretty straightforward with MassageBook.

MassageBook does its best in guiding you through the setup process and a live chat feature makes it easy to get immediate answers to any questions that come up.

MassageBook’s many help options, including an extensive help center, email and phone support are something you’ll find many of their users rave about.

In top software review sites like Capterra, MassageBook gets a superb rating for ease of use and overall satisfaction.

MassageBook automatically creates a beautiful looking website for your business, which includes online booking features, a service menu, reviews, and details about your practice.

Clients can book appointments and pay easily and quickly from your MassageBook website, or you can “add” online booking to your existing website using MassageBook’s online booking solution.

All-in-all the MassageBook software, even with its many features, is remarkably user-friendly. It’s mobile app also scores highly.

FullSlate, by comparison, has more of a “figure it out by using it” initial approach to learning their software, but the design is fairly straightforward. Most will find it won’t take too much time to figure out where to find features and get comfortable booking and managing appointments on the FullSlate schedule view.

Online bookings and payments are fast and intuitive for clients.

FullSlate is missing a broader set of features that MassageBook offers - like SOAP notes, email marketing, and automated intake forms. The upside of fewer features is a simple design.

The result? FullSlate also scores very high in the ease of use evaluation.

  1. Features


To begin, MassageBook doesn’t scrimp on features.

One of MassageBook’s popular features which FullSlate, as a generic business solution, doesn’t offer is SOAP notes.

Here one can click on any body part and take a detailed look at those muscles tissues you were forced to remember to pass your licensing exams.


We all know SOAP notes are a big part of our practices, and every detail and client detail is secured.

SOAP notes can be printed or saved as a PDF file. However, this is certainly not necessary as all your electronic SOAP note files will be securely stored for you to access from any device 24/7.

Aside from online schedule, MassageBook can automate so much of tedious daily tasks like the review process and intake forms that saves you time as clients can fill them up even before you meet eye to eye.

Facebook integration? Check. Because it’s a must to have a Facebook business page now and is another way to secure online bookings from your social media page.

Do you prefer flexibility in features?

Feel free to set up and customize appointment reminders (text, email, a day before etc.), automated email marketing to stay in touch with your clients with eye-catching templates to choose from which are beautiful and professional by the way, even set up client payment options - customize it for first time clients or by mode of payment.

One of MassageBook’s stand out features, however, is the MassageBook directory.

Every small business struggles with the same problem - How do they get themselves in front of people who are looking for their massage and bodywork services?

By creating your free MassageBook business listing it will allow you to be seen by thousands of people looking for massage and bodywork services in your area. Now that a powerful business tool and free to get set up.

All these features are easy to use and understand. You’ll get a lot of fast and friendly help from customer service to make things easier.


Features wise, FullSlate has decided to keeps it simple yet functional.

Whilst some apps keep on adding new features every now and then FullSlate sticks to what matters and makes the most out of it.


That makes its online booking simple and easy to navigate. Basic features are customizable like appointment reminders, email templates (for all occasions) and payment processors (from credit card option or not, to payment schemes).

You are in control in some features of FullSlate like the number of hours you’re available per day or how you want your calendar synced to Facebook or your website.

Throughout the checkout process, you can connect with Quickbooks to simplify accounting matters also.

Although integration isn’t one of the strongest suit of FullSlate as some reviews have otherwise complained about. Another setback for the massage software has been the change of ownership which has resulted in service meltdowns according to another comparison and review.

Here is a comparison of the features of both software:

MassageBook FEATURES

  • Scheduling Software

  • Marketing Tools

  • Appointment Reminders -Email & SMS

  • CRM - Client Database

  • Credit Card Payments

  • Mobile Version of the Scheduling Module

  • Free Website

  • Facebook Integration

  • SEO Optimization

  • Email Marketing & Campaign Tools

  • Automated Email Tools

  • MassageBook Directory

  • Phone & Tablet App - iOS & Android

  • Bodywork Community Forum

  • Collect Client Reviews

  • Outcall Booking

  • iKnead Massage Supplies


  • Online Scheduling

  • Text and email reminder

  • Credit card payments

  • Calendar sync

  • Recurring appointment

  • Customer relationship management

  • Class scheduling

  • Double booking

  • Client reviews

  • Multiple locations

  • Android/iOS app

  • Gift certificates

  • Quickbooks Sync

  • Gift Certificate Software

  • Web Development Tools

  • SOAP Note Software

  • Client Intake Forms

  • Online Scheduling

  • Option for Online Booking

  • Free Business Directory Listing

  • Manage Multiple Staff Practices

    1. Value for Money

    MassageBook’s pricing structure is based on the types of features/tools you need in your business which is broken down like this:

    Freemium - $0 Basic - $9.99 Clinical - $19.99 Marketing - $24.99 Master - 29.99

    With (20-50% off for ABMP member)

    As for FullSlate, their pricing structure is more based on the number of team members you have as opposed to the features you need. Their pricing structure is as follows:

    Just You - $ 29.95 Up to 5 Staff - $49.95 Up to 10 Staff - $79.95

    Let’s face it, it all boils down to what we can afford and what ultimately best suits how you run your practice.


MassageBook offers flexible pricing plans whether you’re starting out or you’re branching out.

This includes the best value of all—FREEmium. Where you can use some features like scheduling, online booking, CRM, client reviews, Outcall functionality, accept credit card payments, free business directory listing and support for free and forever. No risks of course.

This sits well with you if:

  • you’ve just broken up with your old massage software

  • you’re eager to try something new but you’re hesitant to invest more

  • you’re new to online scheduling and looking to see if it suits your business and clientele

A freemium gets you more than you want and beyond as well as real hands-on experience with MassageBook’s constantly improving technology. But then again if you want to move up and go to the next level with your automation experience, you can choose MassageBook’s other premium plans.

The good: the highest price still comes more affordable and with more PREMIUM benefits than other massage software on the market. Perfect for massage and bodywork therapists.

Are you a member of ABMP? Then you get even MORE discounts with MassageBook.


As what you can expect from a software that values simplicity above all, even the prices are simplified for small businesses in mind. FullSlate doesn’t confuse with a myriad of options but gives you just three: a plan for you, for more than 5 staffs and for 10 and below.

The good: FullSlate offers a free PREMIUM trial for 2 months with no credit card required.

Again, if you’re looking for more information, below is a detailed pricing comparison for both MassageBook and FullSlate.

Product Images for MassageBook

Free Business Directory Listing


Free Website


Scheduling Software


SOAP Notes


Online Scheduling


Email Marketing


Facebook Integration


Gift Certificates




Product Images for FullSlate

Online Scheduling




Setting up Online Booking Widget


Gift Certificates and Packages


Creating an Appointment


The Verdict

Both massage softwares fare well in ease of use and functionality. But MassageBook has more impressive features beyond online scheduling that cannot be ignored. Mainly the advanced SOAP notes, lead generation via MassageBook Directory and (one of the best) marketing assistance for massage therapists and bodywork professionals.

As a full-featured all-in-one success engine, MassageBook offers more value for money in terms of features and automation capabilities. That’s all backed by an eager-to-please and assist customer service. No that’s powerful!

We could all use some help in growing our business and MassageBook does that and more. Hands down, it’s among the best choices out there.