Last month MassageBook launched a powerful new Promotions feature that lets any massage or bodywork practice create and promote customized deals in just a few minutes.

The result?

Gobs and gobs of deals for gift certificates and services were created and sold by thousands of MassageBookers over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week. (HUUUGE numbers)

We were shocked.

And delighted.

Job done, right?

Not so fast. We were quickly reminded that there’s always more and better. Requests started coming in for improvements.

So we’ve built and released the first one this week - the ability to only allow new clients to purchase a deal.

When you build your next promotion, you’ll see an additional checkbox for this.



… but that’s not all

We’re already working on additional improvements to Promotions, like the ability to create crazy flexible BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals.

Stay tuned as we roll out this and more features and improvements in the weeks and months ahead. Much to do.

Santa’s elves have nothing on our energetic and dedicated team…