The Coronavirus Relief Bill: Help for the Self-Employed

Hope you had a good weekend and are finding ways to avoid going stir-crazy…

Just a short note to share what I learned after digging into the details of the Coronavirus Relief Bill this weekend.

The following is an excerpt from about one of the included benefits that should impact many massage and bodywork professionals with their own practices:

Unemployment benefits for independent contractors and self-employed people

The rescue plan significantly expanded unemployment by giving jobless workers an extra $600 a week for four months on top of their state benefits and extending benefits by 13 weeks. Currently, state unemployment checks last up to between 12 weeks and 28 weeks, depending on the state.

This includes self-employed people, independent contractors, and gig workers, who typically don’t qualify for traditional unemployment benefits.

To apply for unemployment benefits, visit your state’s unemployment website

I know many of you are struggling severely without the income from your practice. It appears that this could really help ease the financial burden until you can get your practice back up and running.

All the best dealing with your state’s application process as I’m sure many state unemployment agencies are already overwhelmed.

Have a good week, hang in there, and I’ll get you more updates as I learn of anything useful.