You’ve got a problem.

You’re taking the time to create marketing emails that feature a promotion, a new service, a client testimonial or a staff spotlight and no. one. is. opening.

You know why. Think about your personal inbox. It’s slammed with junk all day long and it’s easy to ignore or delete.

But what if you could grab their attention quickly (in, like 30-40 characters) with a great subject line, increase open rates and get those recurring bookings we all want?

Never fear; we’ve got some quick copy cures to remedy those tired subject lines.

When creating subject lines, we’re going to make this very easy to remember: use the acronym SAS, which stands for Simple, Active, and Snazzy.

Here’s an example of our first S: simple. Especially when it comes to promotions and deals, you want it to be very obvious to the customer just how much they can save and encourage them to act right then. In the first, old subject line below, there’s no urgency. People think, “Well, I’ve got until Labor Day.” So even if you have a decent length of time until your deal expires, frame it as though it’s going away any second!

Your old subject line:

  • Massages Now 30% Off Through Labor Day.

Better options:

  • Deal Alert: Reserve Your 30% Off Massage Spot Now!

  • Do You Have Time to Save 30%?

  • Save 30%? Yes, Please!

  • Time is Running Out to Save 30%!

Next, let’s talk about making our email subject lines active. In layman’s terms, that just means start with a verb. And not just any old verb will do. Instead of “see,” try Go! Explore! Try! Spot! Behold! (You get the idea.)

You don’t want it to be a particularly intricate word (don’t forget your first S!) that might trip people up, but a surprising synonym can spice up the inbox in a cinch!

Your old subject line:

  • The Healing Benefits of Hand & Foot Massage.

Better options:

  • Try Something New, Why Don’t Cha? New Massage Add-Ons Are Here!

  • Show Yourself Some LOVE with Massage Add-Ons

  • Upgrade Your Massage in A Snap! Explore New Add-Ons.

And last, but definitely never least is snazzy.

Snazzy is that little something extra that takes subject lines from mundane to sparkle city.

Snazzy can be anything from adding colloquialisms and pop-culture references, using alliteration (the repetition of consonant sounds) or—one of my personal favorite tactics—revealing secrets.

Your old subject line:

  • Come quick! New products just restocked!

Better options:

  • Psst… we’ve got a little sneak peek just for you.

  • Treat Yo’self with New [Product]!

  • Have a Hot Stone Holiday!

  • #SelfCareSunday is Underway!

The most important thing to remember when experimenting with new subject line techniques is just to test, test and test some more. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality. Personal touches will definitely keep your promotions away from the Spam folder.