Updated April 5th, 2021

Operating the independent massage practice of your dreams takes much more than just having great technique. You may very well be the most skilled and educated massage therapist in town, but building a successful massage, spa, or bodywork business doesn’t just happen with your hands. As most have already learned, it takes a little business and marketing savvy to grow a massage practice.

One of the most powerful components of MassageBook’s all-in-one practice management solution, Membership program management software which is truly simple to use, is designed to give you and your business a professional-grade tool to grow your practice to the next level.

Read on to learn how creating a Membership program for your massage, spa, or bodywork business can increase regular visits from your clients while also making the monthly income you receive more reliable.

Membership Plans for Your Massage Practice Boost Regular Client Visits

Successful massage practices are built on a healthy number of committed clients who come back at least once a month.

A massage Membership program provides your practice with a dependable way to encourage more frequent visits from your clients. Those who purchase a Membership plan are charged on a monthly basis, and in return, they receive service credits that they can redeem each month.

Do you know the #1 thing keeping your clients from booking more sessions? We’re willing to bet most would say that in the craziness of living a full life, that they simply forget to schedule their massage or bodywork session.

Clients with Membership plans always have a reason to remember because they’re automatically billed for services and emailed about it as well.

As we all know, many powerful benefits of massage come only after a series of regular sessions. More clients receiving regular work from you means more clients with clear and undeniable improvements to their health and wellness.

Happy clients become great ambassadors for your business. Those are the people who not only buy more from you, they’re the ones who will recommend your service to others—the cheapest and most effective marketing strategy known!

If you’re looking for a secure way to keep your schedule full and to enjoy the many benefits that come with it, enrolling clients in a massage Membership plan makes it incredibly convenient for you to get them back month after month.

Automated Billing for Memberships: The Road to Reliable Monthly Income

Every massage, spa, and bodywork business strives for a comfortable level of income that they can depend on to help pay the bills each month. It makes checking the bank account balance a lot less daunting.

When clients are auto-billed on a monthly basis for their Membership plans, it means more money is being consistently deposited to you on the dates you expect. Having more predictable income puts you at ease because you know you’re getting a paycheck each month, and when you’re less worried about the long term, you can focus more of your energy on your clients—the ones that truly matter.

When a massage Membership program is executed properly, the result is a win-win for you and your clients. They’ll enjoy more frequent visits while you benefit from the peace of mind that comes with their regularly scheduled payments.

Sound too good to be true?

Here’s what Jennifer, MassageBook member and owner of Super Spa Girl, has to say:

“As almost any massage therapist knows, the key question is always, ‘How am I going to get a steady stream of clients in the door?’ A massage membership program does one better. You get a predictable, steady income stream flowing into your practice. You no longer have to worry about what next month’s numbers are going to look like because you already know.”

A Little About MassageBook’s Membership Program Software Solution

MassageBook’s Memberships feature is designed to make it unbelievably simple to start any kind of simple or complex Membership program, even if you’ve never had one before. Here are a few things you can do with the Memberships software solution:

  • Setting up your Membership program is simple. Create and customize as many detailed Membership plans as you’d like in just a few quick steps. It’s as simple as choosing a name, description, and price and then selecting which of your existing services (and add-ons) to include in the Membership plan. You can also choose to automatically renew Membership plans each month and to allow unused credits to roll over.

  • Selling a Membership plan in person is fast and easy. Enroll a client in a Membership plan in a matter of minutes, and securely store their credit card information so that they’re automatically charged for service credits each month on the date you select. If you already have cards on file in your Square or Stripe account and it’s connected to MassageBook, you can link to those for even faster sign-up!

  • Selling Membership plans online is convenient for everyone. Even when you’re busy in sessions, clients can purchase Membership plans on their own through your MassageBook website.

Daniel, an LMT at Peaceful Panda Massage and a user of Memberships, is seeing some serious uptick in booking and sales activity thanks to his simple idea that keeps clients coming back again and again. They save $10 on a monthly service credit that rolls over to the next if it goes unused.

LaTonya, an LMT at The Lotus Dawn and another user of Memberships, prefers adding extra rewards to her Membership plan. In addition to a standard monthly service credit, her members can receive 20% off any other services they wish to book.

Regardless of how you structure your Membership plan (or plans), MassageBook lets you establish a program that’s achievable, practical, and well-thought-out. And you can go at a pace that makes you feel confident and comfortable too. Thanks to MassageBook’s Membership software solution for massage and bodywork practices, running a Membership program doesn’t have to be complicated.

Manage Your Own Pro-Level Massage Membership Program

The seamless integration of Memberships with the rest of MassageBook’s features keeps your business humming, so you’ll always stay organized at every level:

  • Tracking member activity just takes a glance. Service credits and available balances are neatly stored in a detailed report.

  • Managing Membership plans is easy. Flexible tools let you adjust a member’s needs, such as updating credit card information or available credits, on the fly.

  • Redeeming service credits at online or in-office checkout is quick. A member can book their credit online, or you select from their available balance after an appointment. Either way, you’ll both be carrying on with ease.

The Memberships feature was developed to give the independent massage therapist all they need to meet the growing needs and challenges of operating a small business, so if you need an extra hand running yours, we invite you to get started with us today.

“My Membership program is the best thing I have done for my business. It has allowed me to establish a consistent base of repeat clients and given me financial stability that I never thought I’d have!” - Frank T, LMT and owner of Reviving Hands Massage

How to Get Started with MassageBook’s Membership Software Today

To create your first Membership plan in MassageBook:

  1. Sign in to your Professional Account.

  2. Go to Setup in your Business Profile.

  3. Open your Service Menu.

  4. Select the Memberships tab.

  5. Select Create a Membership to fill in the details about your plan.

For an in-depth walkthrough, watch this step-by-step video:

We look forward to your future success running your own Membership program, and as always, we’re here to lend a helping hand and encouragement. You’ll be backed by a dedicated support team who are here to help you achieve your goals.

Email us at support@massagebook.com, call us at 843-352-2026, or live chat with us within MassageBook.

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