MassageBook Mobile is designed for you to easily manage your day to day right from your pocket, so we added a new widget to the Dashboard to streamline how you check out appointments, create SOAP notes, and prepare for the rest of your day.

Your previous appointments within the past 24 hours are now listed on the Dashboard right when you sign in to the app.

  • Recording a sale is quicker. Select CHECKOUT to bypass going through the Schedule.

  • Creating a new SOAP note is easier. After completing checkout, select ADD SOAP to jot down your notes right away. You can even update the note in the desktop version at a later time.

Please note: after you’ve completed checkout and created a SOAP note, the appointment will still be listed under Previous Appointments with the option to VIEW SOAP. It’ll automatically be removed from the list once 24 hours from the appointment start time have passed.


Your first 3 upcoming appointments within the next 24 hours are listed too.

  • Prepping for each session is simpler. Select VIEW to open Appointment Details. Here you can access the client's health history or edit the appointment without having to go through the Schedule.


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