Always live life looking at the glass half full.

A cliché that’s easier said than done, right? We know first hand that sometimes it’s easier to focus on the problems and how we can’t fix it, rather than what we can do.

But it turns out that being optimistic isn’t just better for finding solutions, it actually has more health benefits than you may think.

Statistics show that optimists are generally healthier than pessimists. They have a lower risk of disease and less hospital visits. Positive thinking can also regulate our emotions, which can help us deal with both daily struggles and bigger crises. Research has proved that thinking positive thoughts can actually

Being optimistic 100 percent of the time just isn’t realistic. There are times we feel down and just pretending to have a positive attitude doesn’t always cut it. But there is research proving that committing to positive thoughts does actually impact our brains and help us feel better.

Having an optimistic outlook then will help us feel more in control of daily struggles that get us down.

So how do you actually find your silver lining? Here are a two simple tips that you can do daily:

Do something for yourself each day.

Schedule a small chunk of each day to simply focus on yourself. It doesn’t have to be something big. It could be meditation, a yoga class, or even a walk around the block. Or, we think the best idea is that you can call your massage therapist and schedule some well-deserved body work!

Acknowledge the good in your life.

Keep a grateful journal and write down five things that make you happy that day. Do this as often as you can. You will start to notice that even the smallest moments can put a smile on your face (and the “crises” don’t seem so drastic).

Although these tips are not going to fix everything, they can help us on a journey to appreciating life and finding the silver lining.

CHOOSE to look at your glass half-full.


– Jocelyn Bradley