Am I providing outstanding customer service?

This is a question I ask myself often.

It’s a question you should be asking yourself as well. Does your gut tell you that you’re coming up short? Providing outstanding customer service isn’t an option. In fact, customer service should be the foundation of your business.

Even with the best intention, sometimes we come up short. If you’re in need of a reboot, consider implementing these 4 practices to enhance your client’s customer service experience.

Be available.

In the digital age, communicating with your clients has never been easier. And with everything at our fingertips, most clients expect nearly instant gratification when it comes to hearing back from you.

All too often, we get caught in the hustle and bustle of managing a massage business. We must remind ourselves to take the time to make clients feel heard.

Are you regularly responding to emails, texts, calls, and social media?

This doesn’t mean you need to be answering calls or emails at all hours, but it does mean that you should be responding during your hours of business.

Simply put, if you do not make communication with your clients a priority, they’ll find another massage therapist that will.

Listen to your clients.

This should go without saying, but just like trying to make yourself available, it’s not always the easiest task.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves about the basic.

Massage is a type of therapy, so every clients’ needs are going to be different. It’s your job to ensure they get the best treatment for their unique needs.

This cannot be done without truly listening to your client.

The more you listen the better the service, which translates into an all-around better experience.

Personalize your service.

Every customer service experience should be unique.

How are you truly getting to know your clients? Are you asking the right questions?

Take notes after each session so that you may remind yourself of each client’s needs and preferences prior to his or her next session. If a client shares personal information–perhaps of starting a new job or going on a special vacation–make note of this and bring it up in his or her next appointment.

These simple, thoughtful acts will make all the difference for your client’s custom services experience.

Bonus: Personalizing your services will help reduce the feeling of monotony with your business. Every session will be different and every experience will be a reflection of that client’s unique needs.

Take responsibility for your mistakes.

If you make a mistake, own up to it. In doing so, you may avoid a bad review.

Owning up to your mistakes also shows your customers that you care. Client’s will likely never pay for your services again if they feel like you don’t care that you made a mistake, but you may just gain a customer for life by admitting your mistake with humility and professionalism.

Bonus: Monitor reviews, private messages and visitor posts on your social media pages. If you receive any negative comments or reviews and the negative comments truly were because of a mistake on your part, let the client know.