Massage gift certificates always hit the mark on Valentine’s Day.

It’s prime time to promote your services in a fun, charming way—so don’t let this key moment to maximize gift certificates sales go to waste!

Email marketing is one of the simplest, most direct ways to let your clients know that your business conveniently sells gift certificates online through your MassageBook website.

We put together four emails that you can copy and paste to your liking to make selling Valentine’s Day gift certificates quick and effective.

Forget stressing about creating your own. You’ll be done in 15 minutes and feeling great!

To get started, create a new Campaign under the Marketing section of your MassageBook Business and choose a Gift Certificates template.

Pro tip: Create a series of emails to go out to clients throughout the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Most people need multiple reminders to act.

Valentine’s Day Marketing Email #1

Subject line: Forget the roses! Massage is the perfect gift

Header text: Say I Love You With a Little Me Time

Body text: Feeling pressure to give the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day?

Roses wilt and chocolate melts.

But massage is the gift that keeps on giving.

We’ve got the best way to send your loved one to relaxation heaven!

Button text: Buy Your Gift Certificate Today

Valentine’s Day Marketing Email #2

Subject line: Roses have met their match

Header text: Chocolates beware too.

Body text: Just kidding. Massage is better any day of the week!

This Valentine’s Day, give a gift certificate for a relaxing massage service.

We offer a simple, convenient way to buy gift certificates through our website.

Button text: Get Your Gift Certificate Now

Valentine’s Day Marketing Email #3

Subject line: Stress LESS, relax MORE this Valentine’s Day

Header text: Unwind With the One You Love

Body text: Imagine that your Valentine’s Day starts with a calming massage complete with aromatherapy or hot stones.

You’re there with the person you love by your side and drifting off to sleep as you listen to the sounds of nature.

Or you can hit that fancy restaurant, wait half an hour for a table and pay $100 for small portions.

Your choice, Cupid.

Button text: Buy Your Gift Certificate Now

Valentine’s Day Marketing Email #4

Subject line: Thoughtful gift, BIG brownie points

Header text: The Easy Choice This Valentine’s Day

Body text: Our gift certificates are not only simple to purchase, they’re even simpler to redeem.

So if you’re searching for a Valentine’s Day gift that shows you care..

Buy a relaxing and rejuvenating massage for your loved one, yourself or for you both!

Button text: Get Your Brownie Points Here

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