Updated January 26th, 2022

Massage gift certificates always hit the mark on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for your massage business to promote your services in a fun, charming way—so don’t let this key moment to maximize gift certificates sales go to waste.

Email marketing is one of the simplest, most direct ways to let your clients know that your business conveniently sells gift certificates on your MassageBook website.

To help make your marketing efforts quick and effective, we wrote four different emails that you can copy and paste into an email campaign template of your choice.

Forget stressing about creating your own Valentine’s Day emails. You’ll be done in 15 minutes and feeling great!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign in to MassageBook

  2. Go to the Marketing tab

  3. Select New Campaign

  4. Pick a template

  5. Copy your favorite content below

  6. Paste it into the template

Heads-up: The default button link for any campaign template can now be changed to another destination, making it easy for you to send recipients of your email directly to the gift certificates page of your MassageBook website. Simply click on the action button of any template to change the link destination to your gift certificates page.


Valentine’s Day Massage Marketing Email #1

Email subject: Your Valentine’s Day gift search ends here

Preview text: Don’t waste another minute trying to pick out the perfect rose bouquet.

Header text: Say I Love You With a Little Me Time

Body text: Roses are always lovely and chocolates can definitely be sweet—but massage is the gift that keeps on giving.

Pick from any of the gift certificates listed on our website, and rest easy knowing that your special someone will leave their experience feeling relaxed, replenished, and renewed.

Button text: Buy a Gift Certificate Now

Valentine’s Day Massage Marketing Email #2

Email subject: Why melt chocolate when you can melt stress instead?

Preview text: Give the gift of a stress-melting massage this Valentine’s Day.

Header text: Think Outside the Chocolate Box

Body text: This Valentine’s Day, give the one you love a gift certificate for a relaxing massage and watch their stress melt right away.

We offer a simple, convenient way to buy gift certificates on our website. Get yours today. Your sweetheart will thank you later.

Button text: Treat Your Sweetheart to a Stress-Melting Massage

Valentine’s Day Massage Marketing Email #3

Email subject: Your one-stop Valentine’s Day shop

Preview text: Because everyone would love a massage this Valentine’s Day.

Header text: Stress Less, Relax More

Body text: Spoil someone you love with the gift of rest and relaxation this Valentine’s Day.

It’s quick and easy to buy gift certificates for a massage on our website. Give one to your spouse, your best friend, or anyone else who deserves to be loved and pampered.

Button text: Give the Gift of Massage

Valentine’s Day Massage Marketing Email #4

Email subject: Get heart-healthy this Valentine’s Day

Preview text: Are you and your loved ones taking care of your tickers?

Header text: A Gift For the Heart From the Heart

Body text: February and hearts go hand in hand for more than just the reason you’re probably thinking.

It’s also American Heart Month—a time to celebrate and engage in heart-healthy lifestyle choices.

Diet and exercise top the charts, but have you considered the benefits of regular massage therapy? Research shows it can help lower heart disease contributors such as stress and blood pressure.

Give the gift of massage this Valentine’s Day, and show your loved ones how much their wellness means to you.

Button text: Buy Gift Certificates Now

Looking for more ways to spread the love this Valentine’s Day? Get more business-boosting ideas here.

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