Reviews boost your reputation

You’ve heard it said that “Reputation is everything”. It’s true. But how to build a personal reputation and then, equally as important – how to leverage it to drive your career forward? MassageBook has the unique ability to collect reviews for service providers as well as for the business, making it easy for individuals to build their reputation, increase their local rank, and attract more clients to wherever they work.

Get reviewed!

When the business where you work uses MassageBook as their scheduling solution, an email is sent after client checkout that requests a review of the business and the service provider. Only clients who have actually received services may leave reviews, insuring that no bogus reviews can be left. Reviews may also be shared by clients on Facebook, creating a powerful digital “word of mouth” referral campaign.

Get ranked

The review that’s left for you is tied to the service and modality you performed. Clients can rate you on criteria that give future visitors to your personal website a clear understanding of what receiving a service from you will be like, increasing the likelihood of being booked. Now for the fun part: The review score and service received are used to rank you and your local bodywork professionals in ways that will be amazingly helpful for public searchers of services. Want to find the highest rated local neuromuscular therapist? Done. Who’s the best reflexologist of them all? Done. Best sports massage therapist. There they are…

Portable and useful: Reviews are yours to keep

Not everybody stays at the same job forever. MassageBook feels that the reputation you earned working at one place should stay with you if you choose to move. That’s why your MassageBook reputation travels with you – no matter where you go. And as you search for other job opportunities, your collection of reviews serves as an amazing resume’ of your reputation, making you much more desirable of a hire.

Beth Wade, LMT

Beth Wade, LMT

Twisted Roots Chicago

Mary Geitner

Mary Geitner