Fall is just around the corner — which typically signals the return of getting back to everyday routines. Family vacations are winding down, kids are going back to the classroom, and clients who you haven’t seen in a few months are starting to schedule their post-summer appointments.

At least it used to be that way, right?

It goes without saying that routines aren’t quite the same nowadays…

Fall always seemed to be a hopeful time when your massage business could look forward to seeing a steady uptick in activity — but as you’ve spent the past few months fine-tuning how to safely practice during the COVID-19 pandemic — you might be worried that you’re not heading toward the same income bump you’ve come to rely on.

So what’s a massage therapist supposed to do this year to keep business humming along from now until the big holiday rush (🤞 there is one)?

Finding smart ways to market your business, drive regular money through your door, and get a few new clients here and there sounds like a solid place to start. (That’s assuming you’re in a comfortable enough position to take on new folks. It’s not lost on us that circumstances continue to be unique during this time. Do what’s best for you.)

MassageBook comes equipped with a full suite of marketing and business-management features that are built to make your day more profitable and keep your schedule filled with a healthy number of new and regular clients.

Below we’ll dive into how Memberships, Reserve with Google, and MassageBook Gift Cards are just three of the many powerful tools you can start using today to help get your sales and booking activity back on track this fall.

Start a Membership Program to Put More Repeat Clients on Your Table and More Steady Income in Your Bank Account

MassageBook’s Memberships management software has completely streamlined getting a membership program going for your massage business.

Now’s the perfect time to experience firsthand how starting your very own can give you extra financial support to lean on in the coming months.

You’ll love how selling plans make it easy to know how much you can expect to earn from them each month, and your new members will love how hassle-free it is to keep up with their visits.

Running any kind of simple or complex membership program is incredibly efficient in MassageBook. Here’s how it works:

  • Setting up your first Membership plan only takes a few easy-to-follow steps. Just pick a name, description, price, and which services are included. Want unused credits to roll over? You can do that too!

  • Selling a Membership plan in person or online through your MassageBook website is just as easy. All a new member has to do is choose a plan and securely put their credit card on file so that it’s automatically charged for service credits each month.

  • Tracking down Membership activity is stress-free. Payment history, service credits, and available balances are seamlessly tied to each member’s record.

  • Making changes to a member’s plan is no sweat. Update their credit card, adjust their balance, or pause their plan at any time.

  • Using Membership credits at online or in-office checkout is just a click away. A member can book their credit online, or you can select from what’s available after each session.

Sound too good to be true?

Here’s why LaTonya, LMT & MassageBook member, is an avid fan of using Memberships for her business:

“I know where my money is coming from each month. It’s much more reliable than hoping and waiting for customers to walk through the door. My clients always have a reason to book. The value has shown itself in the repeat clientele. I’m getting income in volumes instead of per client charge. That’s been really important for my growth. Plus, MassageBook has created a beautiful, easy-to-use product. Managing everything has been so simple!”

Ready to find out what LaTonya already knows?

Watch this video to learn how to create your first Membership plan today:

Need help getting clients to join your program? Here are 5 tips to help you sell more plans.

Turn on Reserve with Google to Get Found and Booked Through Google

It’s been a stressful year to say the least. Virtually nobody has gone untouched. Now more than ever, people are in need of a safe, relaxing way to escape for even just an hour.

So where do they turn when they aren’t sure where to go? Google, of course!

Prospective clients are looking for massage and bodywork professionals just like you on Google all the time.

Don’t miss out on making it convenient for them to book an appointment!

The Reserve with Google feature adds your online booking availability from MassageBook directly into your business listing that appears in Google search results — so the next time you get found — your next potential client can schedule a time to see you without even having to leave the Google page they found you on.

Ready to outsmart the competition and increase your chances of adding new clients to your schedule?

Getting set up to take bookings through Google is as simple as creating a free Google My Business account and flipping on the Reserve with Google switch under Online Booking Rules in MassageBook.

Watch this video to see how easy it is for a new client to book through Reserve with Google and learn how to turn on the feature today:

Need help standing out in local Google search results? Here’s how massage therapist’s can optimize Google My Business.

Join the MassageBook Gift Card Program to Get in Front of Potential Clients Who Are Ready to Pay

Is your massage business benefiting from gift cards as much as it could be?

No doubt, they’re one of the most effective ways to boost your profits even when a gift-giving holiday isn’t coming up on the calendar.

They bring in cash and new clients through your door without too much up-front effort.

But that doesn’t mean that all the marketing has to be on your shoulders alone…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to get in front of potential clients who already had a gift card for use at your business that you didn’t even have to sell beforehand?

Great news — it’s never been easier for the public to give the gift of massage to family and friends all across the United States!

MassageBook Gift Cards are advertised to consumers who are looking to share the many health benefits that come from regular sessions with a massage therapist. These e-gift cards can be used at any participating business that accepts them as payment in the MassageBook search directory — the go-to place to find and book highly skilled, independent massage and bodywork professionals.

Ready to join the thousands of other massage businesses who are making extra cash just by being listed on MassageBook?

Watch this video to see how MassageBook Gift Cards work and learn how to sign up for the program today:

The end of summer will be here before you know it…

Let MassageBook help you get set up to bring in new sources of income and clients this fall.

Start a Membership program, turn on Reserve with Google, and join the MassageBook Gift Card program today!

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