Traditionally, Chiropractors, Coaches, Physical Therapists and General Practitioners have been among the best referral sources for massage therapists and bodywork professionals. However, they may not always recommend a therapist by name. It is up to you to find clients on the channels they utilize most.

How are customers researching massage services and companies? The Internet! More than ever, consumers are researching bodywork professionals online. You need to know how to cut through the noise and be seen. Here are some tips for doing just that:

  1. Keep yourself organized

    Organization builds confidence, not only with your clients but also for yourself and your practice. Keeping detailed SOAP Notes and staying on top of your paperwork has never been easier in the digital age and will put you ahead of the curve. It will also help you organize your client list and label specific types of clients which will help you build marketing initiatives around each audience.

  2. Help your clients stay organized

    Once you are organized, you’ll know your clients’ needs well. When scheduling an appointment through the MassageBook app, your customer will get an email with appointment details that can be synched with his or her calendar. Reduce no-shows by reminding clients of an upcoming service with automated appointment reminders. MassageBook has a list of email messages to politely yet effectively ensure that your client won’t miss their time.

    For clients who haven’t seen you in awhile, try a “Come Back Offer” email campaign or a “Thank You for your Loyalty Offer” for those clients who have stayed with you. Not regularly collecting online reviews yet? You should. Research shows that businesses with a healthy number of current reviews attract 14 times more traffic than those that don’t! Asking for reviews can easily be automated, making it one of the highest value/lowest effort things you can do.

  3. Create a personalized website

    If you don’t already have your own website or are using Facebook as your business website, MassageBook’s business website acts as a complete business website, clearly sharing with visitors who you are, what you do and encouraging visitors book or request appointments online. If you wish to use your own Website address like “” and have it take visitors to your MassageBook website, you can easily do so. A simple re-direct entry with your web hosting company will do the trick.

    Squarespace, Wix and other “in-the-box” website solutions, while requiring more work and expense, can also be good solutions to really help you create your own unique online presence. If you do have your own website, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

    • Streamline your design and be sure it is mobile-friendly

    • Add a photo of your place of practice (if you have one), your photo and credentials.

    • Add real client testimonials and outcomes you’re proud of

    • List your menu of services and show pricing

    • Make sure to provide a clear call to action like “Book Now”

    • Utilize a Google Maps plug-in so it’s easy for clients to get directions to your place of business

    Quick tip: MassageBook provides you with small code “widgets” that you can simply copy and paste into your own website to display your service menu and provide visitors with online booking options right on your website.

  4. Maintain a social presence

    Creating a Facebook and/or Twitter page might seem like a lot to deal with, especially for those therapists above the age of 30, but it pays off in dividends. By simply updating with tips and techniques, massage therapy news, connecting with current and potential customers, as well as small details about you, you could bring in a lot of new business. Be sure to integrate an online booking option right into your Facebook business page to convert visitors into new clients. People want to connect on social media to learn more about the companies they’re evaluating. Being present can make all the difference—and help improve your rank in search engines as well.

    Sounds like a commitment, doesn’t it? It is. This is what it takes to really grow your massage practice in the digital age.

    Since we know that many therapists are one-person shows, MassageBook has simplified its tools for your use. We are a search engine for the massage seeking public and an all in one practice management and marketing tool for massage therapists. We offer full social and web integration, a scheduling solution tuned to the unique needs of bodyworkers and automated marketing, so there’s no need to worry about building a site or social presence from scratch if you’re trying to keep things simple as you grow your practice into a successful business.