Happy Holiday Improvements Just Released

Elves.  That’s what we feel like over here.  Granted there’s no snow on the ground here in Charleston, SC, we’re short a few flying reindeer, and our Santa’s seriously geeky, but nonetheless, it feels the same in the workshop.  We’re busy, busy, busy crafting some great improvements, wrapping them up in digital bows, and sharing them with you and the world of bodyworkers. Oh what fun it is!

Speaking of worlds, I thought it might interest you to see how many practices are currently using MassageBook across the United States. Need a massage? The public can find one just about anywhere using the MassageBook Search site now, although we could use a few more folks in the Dakotas, Nevada and Montana. Do the internets work there? 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Mark and the bright shiny team of MassageBook elves

The MassageBook platform has grown rapidly in 2015!

Here’s what you’ll find in MassageBook the next time you log in:

  • Public online booking flow – Easier than ever * New Autopilot email designs for improved results * Include a reason for discounts applied during checkout* Accept HSA and FSA health insurance cards * Video – Your personal profile

What’s New

Client Booking made EVEN simpler

One of the things we’ve learned is that creating a truly frustration free, incredibly intuitive self-booking experience for clients online results in more bookings and less time spent on the phone or emailing to make appointments. In the last few months we’ve updated and improved the entire public facing search directory and the booking flow to make finding and booking bodyworkers online beautifully simple – even from a phone. This latest round of improvements truly makes your online booking experience an amazingly simple one. Your clients will love it!

Fresh new designs for Autopilot emails

MassageBook’s Autopilot feature is an amazing tool that’s always working behind the scenes to keep your clients engaged, feeling valued, and encouraging them to come back and see you more often. It’s been a while since we first released this powerful feature, and thought some new, better looking emails were in order. Not using the automated marketing engine yet? You can easily add the feature in the Business->Settings->My Subscriptions section.

Track reasons for discounts applied during checkout

Introducing another great user request that many will benefit from! How it works: When you add a discount during checkout, simply type in the associated reason. Now you’ll always have a record of why you or a staff member applied a discount. Discount reasons also appear in sales reports, making it easy to review sales, discounts and associated reasons at a glance.

Accept FSA and HSA cards from clients

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to offer this to our members.  It’s a great example of the positive power and influence we have as a large group of massage and bodywork professionals. By approaching our payments processor as a professional group, we were able to get them to change the classification code under which payments are accepted, thereby making it possible for all MassageBook accounts to accept FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSA (Health Savings Accounts).  Victory! Now just let your clients and prospective clients know that you offer this payment option. There’s nothing extra you need to do during checkout, just accept the credit card as you would any other card payment.

**Learn more about how your Personal Listing can work for you, **

no matter where you work.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the near future as we continue to work on making MassageBook awesomer-er.* Improving (and simplifying) Series functionality * Pre-filling a current SOAP note with the last note’s content * Printing Therapist name and NPI number on receipts* Insurance billing feature: auto-complete the HCFA 1500 form * Support for Canadian addresses * Simplifying Staff setup * Native Mobile App support for iOs and Android

Log in and take a look