Your next leg up is in the works.

Elevate your professional status and take your business to greater heights with Memberships—our latest development designed with you and your clients in mind.

This immensely powerful feature will give you the keys to do two very important things: ramp up the number of regular visits per client and cultivate a following who are forever loyal to your remarkable work.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to create a monthly service plan and auto-bill each person who subscribes to one. Then both you and your clients will be able to seamlessly book and track any available credits.

Guaranteed income for you. Guaranteed service for them.

You’ll be so on top of your professional game that it’ll turn even the most big-budget franchises an envious green. And more importantly, your clients will be way stoked at how easy it is to keep coming back more and more.

We’ve kept our development noses to the grindstone these past months…

But we’re going to need your help too!

Because after all, your success keeps the wheels of our endeavor in constant forward motion.

We’ll be handpicking a group of beta testers within the month to ensure we get it done right, and once the light turns green, we’ll open the floodgates for the rest of you eager beavers.

Stay tuned for the next announcement!