Halloween is a BOO-tiful time.  

It’s the one time of year where the MassageBook logo colors are spot on perfect!  And when it comes to tricks or treats, there’s no question as to what you can expect from our hard working team – treats! Just in time for Halloween, we’re releasing a few goodies to make your practice hum even more smoothly than ever.

Here’s what you’ll find in MassageBook the next time you log in:

  • Intake forms can now be signed from within the MassageBook application * Help section button placed prominently at the top of each page * “Ask MassageBook” now provides page specific guidance * Clients booking online can add personal notes and requests to service providers * Design updates throughout

Massage therapist waiver forms able to be signed in office

We take the security of your data very seriously. You never know when keeping really good and accurate records will keep you out of trouble.  As a result, we had decided to only allow clients to sign their digital waiver forms from their own computers, ensuring a signed waiver form’s validity could never be questioned. What we heard though, was that many of you wanted to have your clients sign while they were in your offices for their appointment. The solution? Go ahead and have your clients sign in your office now, each signature is now date and time stamped along with the location of where it was signed. Another great example of how your feedback results in MassageBook getting better and better!

Help is easily visible and only a click away

We know that everyone has questions from time to time. We just made it easier to find the answers you’re looking for!

  •  A new “Help” button has been added to the top of the page which opens theMassageBook knowledge base. The knowledge base hosts many articles on the most commonly asked questions.
  • The dark blue “Ask MassageBook” button at the lower left of every page now lists articles directly related to the page you’re on, as well as directing you to theMassageBook help desk and the MassageBook community.

Clients can add notes during online booking

Sometimes clients booking online want to give you a heads up on some information relevant to their appointment. So now they can!  These notes appear right in your calendar view and can be read by opening the appointment details. The MassageBook Directory makes it easy to find and book professional MT’s The NEW and improved MassageBook Directory If you’re not on the most popular directory of professional massage therapists yet, you’re missing out on the thousands of public visitors we direct to massage practices like yours every day. The newly designed search directory makes it even easier to find exactly the therapist with the skills you’re looking for – at the time you want.  What’s more, visitors can find outcall providers and can book them online as well. We encourage you to take a look for yourself and consider upgrading your profiles today. A completed profile with good photos and reviews has a clear advantage over others.  Want more new clients? Spend some time upgrading your profile’s content and images! Take a look at the new search site here.