MassageBook: New Improvements Just Released

Yep. It’s been two weeks again, and we’re excited to share the results of our team’s hard work with you. With the festive season rapidly approaching, we’re doing all we can to ensure that your massage practice or bodywork practice is set up for a crazy successful time during the holidays! Want a peek at what we’re working on next? Just check the bottom of this email. Our efforts continue to make MassageBook the absolute best massage software assistant for you and your practice.

Here’s what you’ll find in MassageBook the next time you log in:

  • Reports: Download and Print options added
  • New design for individual profile pages
  • Speed improvements in Scheduling
  • Updated design and mobile friendly client account management
  • Service menu: Added easy to use category tabs (Thanks Paula!)
  • Improved Client booking experience on mobile devices

What’s New

Reports: Download and Print options added

Now it’s easy to export any report information, or print it out. While we try to anticipate your reporting needs as much as we can, and will be adding more standard reports in the future, we realize that you may want to work with your numbers outside of MassageBook. Simply click or tap the corresponding Print or Export button on any report! Exported files are formatted in the standardized CSV format and can be imported into the application of your choice.

Fresh, updated design for individual listings

How professional looking and informative a listing is often determines whether a visitor to your site will actually book an appointment, or keep looking. We made individual listing sites even better looking and mobile friendly. We hope you like the clean, fresh look. We’re already seeing the positive impact these updated designs are having on new client bookings!( A tip of the hat to Jennifer Liu of Chicago, who’s great photo, completed individual listing, and great reviews are sure to bring her plenty of new business. Nicely done, Jennifer! )

Client account management: new mobile friendly design

When your clients can book and manage their own appointments online, you’re the big winner! With the new account management design, clients can track upcoming and past appointments more easily, check their multi-service package status (Series), and even manage their gift certificates from their computers or phones – All without needing to call you!

Here’s what you can look forward to in the near future!

  • Improving (and simplifying) Series functionality
  • Pre-filling a current SOAP note with the last note’s content
  • Displaying Staff with different colors
  • Insurance Billing and related receipt printing
  • Support for Canadian addresses
  • Simplifying Staff setup
  • Native Mobile App support for iOs and Android
  • Autopilot improvements

That’s all for this release, dear fellow bodyworkers. Thank you for your continued support as we bring needed massage to the world and more success to you! – Mark and your friends on the MassageBook Team

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