If I asked you to describe your typical massage client, what would you say?

Chances are most of us would picture a woman…

While men make up a portion of many massage clients, women are still the majority when it comes down to it.

So - how do you get more men to your practice?

If you’ve been struggling to reach men with your current marketing tactics, give these strategies a try:

Remove the mystery. Go to them and offer sample chair massages.

Instead of trying to get male clients to come to you, go to them!

Call up local barber shops, offices or even police stations offering to come in and give short, free chair massages.

A big reason men shy away from going to get a massage is because they are uncertain of what to expect. This sample allows men to get familiar with you, and the benefits of a massage, in an environment they already feel comfortable in!

Promote couples massages.

Enlist the help of spouses and significant others by offering couples massages.

As Dima Laarchuck tells us in her article about marketing to men, “it’s hard to convince men to buy something new and unknown. Women tend to be bigger fans of new…experiences.”

This reasoning carries over to massages. Knowing that women are more likely to give something a try, encourage your female clientele to book couples massages for their next date night.

It seems counter-intuitive to market to women in order to reach men, but it can work beautifully! Men may not typically encourage their girlfriends or wives to get a couples massage, but they’ll try it out to please their significant others.

Much like offering sample chair massages, couples massages make it easier for men to get familiar with the massage environment by having their spouses or significant others with them.

Emphasize the physical benefits.

We all know the many psychological benefits of massage. However, the truth is that most men don’t respond to marketing that promotes these benefits.

This doesn’t mean men don’t benefit from the stress relief or relaxation a massage provides, just that they’re less likely to book an appointment for that sole purpose.

So what should you say to men in your marketing materials?

Emphasize benefits that matter more to them and seem to be less of a stretch: better sleep, injury prevention or rehab, physical performance improvements, etc..  For inspiration, you can ask some of your current male clients what massage benefits they notice the most.

Encourage your current male clients to refer friends.

If you have an existing male client base, you already have a great marketing tool at your fingertips! Create an email marketing campaign that goes out to your male clients offering them a discount on their next appointment if they refer a friend.

Next time your male client hits the gym, his buddy might mention how sore his back has been. That email your customer received might spark a conversation about how regular massages have helped him prevent soreness after working out.

These word-of-mouth referrals are extremely effective and inexpensive. Even if the referral is a woman, you’ve still gained a new customer. It’s a win-win!

What other ways have you had success drawing in more male clients? Share them with us on Facebook!