Before you can implement this one integral component into your massage therapy’s email marketing campaign, you must first have a solid understanding of what it is and how it can profoundly improve your email marketing efforts.

What is list segmentation?

Just like it sounds, list segmentation is the purposeful creation and segmentation of different lists ~ each identifying and addressing the particular nuances of your clients.  While all of your customers come to you for your exceptional massage therapy services, not all of them come to you with the exact same goal in mind.

What are some of the possible segmented lists you can create?

Some of your clients might patronize your massage therapy practice once a week for their regular dose of a relaxing massage session. Maybe they work lots of hours all week or are managing a home filled with children and parents; they look forward to their weekly relaxing session with you to ease their muscles and calm their minds.  Another list, or segment, of your massage therapy client list is the grouping of clients who come to you with a diagnosed physical or medial ailment.  Perhaps they injured a part of their body in an accident or are currently receiving physical therapy and want to supplement that treatment with massages.  These clients are distinctly different from your segment of weekly massage goers. Further still, you might be able to create a separate list of clients who have come to you as a guest or through a gift card from another client. Maybe they only visited your practice once and, although they enjoyed their massage, have not been back since. This segment of clientele is distinctly different from your regular clients who visit you on a weekly basis.

So you’ve segmented your clients and created different lists; now what?

You need to create engaging, thoughtful, and strategically-worded emails for each of those exclusive lists.  The email you send to the potential clients who have never visited your massage therapy practice but are on your emailing list will be different from the email you compose for you clients with medical issues.  While each email can certainly include coupons, discounts, or links to specials you are offering, each one must be written as if you were writing just one email to that one specific customer.

Why your clients love your segmented lists.

Although they don’t know it and surely never take a moment to think about it, if done correctly, your clients will look forward to, enjoy, and do some sort of action as a result of your customized emails.  For the client who simply enjoys reading your emails but hasn’t scheduled a session with you yet, he/she will appreciate your emails that focus on the benefits of massage therapy and the different specials offered to first-time customers.  Getting a segmented email is like getting a letter snail-mailed that has your name on it, vs. simply the word “occupant” or the phrasing “current resident!” There’s a big difference in mail that can be opened up and is meant for anyone who happens to get the mail, and mail that is meant exclusively for you and where you are in your life.

Who has time to create segmented lists and unique emails?

You do. If you are already sending emails, you must start segmenting them, yesterday.  Sending an email blast with the exact same wording and the exact same offers to everyone on your email list is counterproductive. The recipients will instantly know they are just one of countless recipients of that email and won’t feel like the individualized, important client (or potential client) that they are.

Here’s the good news. While you certainly have to segment your emails, you don’t have to write and send all the emails at once.  There are two ways to handle this new process for managing your email campaign. First, you can have one of your staff members or a professional writing service write your emails for you ~ freeing up time that can be better served working directly with your clients, attending networking events, or visiting local businesses in person.  Your second option is to simply pace yourself. Pick one segment of your lists and send out emails to that one grouping. The following week, choose another segment.  Trying to do all of your segmented lists at once will feel overwhelming and cause you to create content that is less than engaging.

Whether you’re an established owner of a massage therapy practice or you are just getting into the industry now, every effort you put forth in your marketing campaign must be done purposefully and strategically. Otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast. Your brand is at stake. Make every email you send reflect your brand and your philosophy.

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