As you continue to increase your client base by reaping the benefits of the creative, consistent marketing campaigns you’ve developed, launched, and committed to, that doesn’t mean you should spend your hard earned money when and where it’s not necessary. You may already know why it’s a good idea to streamline your business operations, but are you aware of effective ways how to do so? Take a further look to see how you can get the most bang for your buck.

Make Your Business More Efficient

By purchasing different software systems from multiple providers, you’re increasing your workload by having to keep track of everything that’s going on within those various programs. Not only that, you’re spending more time training yourself and any other staff members on the ins and outs of the different systems while unintentionally creating a disjointed workflow. By streamlining your operations, you’re enabling you and your staff to handle and maintain all the different aspects of your business within one system. Think of all you do on a daily basis.You schedule appointments, record notes, ring up payments, sell gift certificates, send appointment reminders, create newsletters, request customer reviews… the list goes on and on. Plus, that’s on top of five 60 minute sessions in one day! With everything you’ve got going on, being able to tackle all those obstacles in one place will make your business run much more efficiently.

Save Money

A penny saved is a penny earned, right? Don’t feel like you’re flushing money down the drain by paying different vendors for a bunch of different services that you can obtain in one product. In your line of work, SOAP notes are a top priority for accurately documenting clinical history. Are you still using the old fashioned pen and paper method, or are you paying a fee for a new age product that you only get one use out of? Either way, as your client base grows, you’re going to need to purchase more filing cabinets for all those notes or shell out $20 a month just so you can digitally document them online.

And what about keeping in touch with your clients through email campaigns? Sure, there are plenty of email marketing services out there, but you better believe that’s going to cost you too. Add those two expenses alone on top of your online scheduling system, and your monthly bills begin to quickly pile up.

Eliminate Frustration

Ultimately, you want the same positive energy you help flow through your clients’ bodies to flow through your entire work environment. You want to create a space that is welcoming, organized, and stress free. That’s hard to accomplish if your staff is running around trying to figure out how to use each and every system you have in place. Imagine if you encounter errors across multiple platforms. Instead of communicating with one customer service representative about a few problems, you’re stuck dealing with one person for each individual issue. Talk about a headache! In order to create that productive, frustration-free environment, you need a solution that streamlines your operations.

Here’s a look at a software solution to consider when streamlining your massage therapy practice:

While you ought to certainly shop vendors and explore options to meet your budget, your particular needs, and the size of your practice, you’ll want to add MassageBook into the mix as one of the software solutions you consider.

MassageBook is an all-in-one software solution that’s a great foundation from which you can compare and explore other solutions. MassageBook was purposefully designed for the independent massage therapist who wants to create and maintain the same type of professional, highly-efficient, and easy-workflow environment as the multi-site or national massage therapy chains do.

Think about it for a second. You can pay $10/month to MailChimp for email marketing tools, $15/month for online SOAP notes tool, $20/month for online scheduling… you get the picture. All of these separate monthly fees add up. Often times, an all-in-one solution like MassageBook can save you money and make your life much easier.