Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send that invitation to all your future clients and work only with the clients that deserve you, mesh with your lifestyle, work ethics and personality? That is the concept behind RVRP. Red Velvet Rope Policy is an extremely simple idea created by Michael Port—the author of “Book Yourself Solid.” The idea behind it is to work ONLY with the clients who pull the best out in you so you can give them YOUR red velvet rope treatment.

You might be asking yourself, “Why haven’t we been doing this all along if it really is so simple.” Yes. Why haven’t we? The answer is different per person but most people agree on one thing—money. Most people get into a business and attempt to make a living with it, accepting any client that will pay. The danger behind the shallow idea viewing a person as a dollar sign, even if for the best of intentions, will come back to haunt you. By accepting just any client, any paycheck, you are accepting everything that comes with that client; their personality, their issues, their work ethics…them! In return they get the same thing back.

Weed Through Your Clients

A difficult reality is attempting to mesh two personalities together and expect the dream to come true, without running into some nightmares along the way. By weeding through your clients, prior to accepting their work invitation, you can learn to weed out the ones who would be your daily headache. If you work only with people you love then you will eventually end up “dumping the duds” thus managing time to shine for your new clientele.

You are unique in the services that you provide— this is why they want you. You deserve to be able to choose who you work with. Think about the one client you have that makes your day when they call. Wouldn’t it be great if all the clients on your list were like that one? They can be. You found that one, or maybe they found you—the point is if that can be done once, it can be done over and over. However if you’re wasting your time and energy on the ones who make your stomach turn in knots when they send you an email, that is energy and time that could be spent on the client you would invite over for dinner. Don’t get the VM because you’re too frustrated to deal with them or the one you spend time working with that goes by so quickly you hate to see it end.

Nip the Bud before it Blooms

Start with a little self inventory. Three little lists can start this process:

Make a list of the client qualities you can’t live without. Everyone’s list is different. Mine would be honesty, making me feel appreciated, finding and owning their responsibilities in matters, finding laughter and maintaining a positive energy. Yours may be something like not being late for deadlines, being on time, someone who is passionate about their services, creativeness, good communication, religious values. Whatever those qualities are that your idea client has are the qualities that belong on that list.

The second list is qualities you or your sanity won’t allow you to live with. Your friend’s could be someone who is very negative, complains a lot, full of excuses, rude or angry person. Yours may be issues with someone who is consistently late, misses deadlines, expects more than you can handle, isn’t flexible.

The third list is the hardest one as it requires some deep honesty. Make a list of your clients and their qualities. Now “dump the duds”. From here on out it is a matter of using your first two lists to choose all upcoming clients. Don’t feel badly about dumping some of your clients. If they aren’t bringing out the best in you, then its doubtful you’re doing your best, and you both deserve better.

When you were in the dating scene, surely you didn’t date everyone who asked you. There were probably people you turned down for various reasons and this is the same. You can let people down gently. I am sure you would agree that you should sever any unhealthy relationships before going down a road of no return. Tell them as honestly, but nicely, as you can things along the lines of how you don’t think the two of you would be a good fit or that you just don’t think things are working out. You don’t owe them a detailed explanation. If it is possible, refer them to someone else.

From that moment on the only client acceptance cards you will be sending out will be “Will you RSVP MY RVRP?”