Updated June 2nd, 2021

Having an online website for your massage practice has never been more important.

Pre-COVID, online booking was already a staple for many individuals with busy lives and little free time to call “during business hours” for appointments.

But now that so much of our world has moved to digital platforms and online booking is the norm for everything from haircuts to grocery delivery, people are even more likely to look online for activities and services.

Thankfully, building a simple business website to accommodate this online world has become far less complicated than it used to be.

With the help of dozens of template sites, you can create a website for your business in a relatively short time and at little or no expense.


Wix, weebly and Squarespace are still the standard go-tos when starting a site from scratch and not having the time or talent to deal with attractive design and efficient layouts. After all, you are massage therapists, not graphic designers.

There is a little bit of a learning curve with each, but nothing a quick Google search for a YouTube tutorial won’t solve in a few minutes.

So as you plan to enter this digital world, here are three crucial considerations as you get started.

Five most important things to include online
Whether editing a template or writing your own code, there are five elements you should include to maximize your website for massage clients - both existing and new.

  1. Business name and contact information

  2. Location & hours

  3. Services provided (plus a short explanation of each and image whenever possible)

  4. Online booking (whether it’s a button to a platform or an integrated tool within the site)Online booking (whether it’s a button to a platform or an integrated tool)

  5. Links to your social media accounts

Building your massage practice website

The amount of time and patience you have - as well as previous background in software development and HTML coding - should be the first factor in deciding what level of website building tool you would like to use.

If you have some coding experience, using Wordpress will allow more flexibility in the design but require more time as you build both the layout and populate the content.

If you’re like most of us, where time and patience are in limited supply and coding knowledge is either non-existent or out-of-date, a template that is more “plug-and-play” instead of “code-to-your-liking” is the best option.

Sites like Wix, weebly, Squarespace and countless others provide several varied template options when it comes to site layout, color choices, design ideas and navigation patterns.

As you choose a service and a template, it’s important to think through your “story” - What would you like clients to know about your practice? What image of your massage business would you like to convey and what “feeling” would you like them to come away with after looking at your site online? What actions would you like them to be able to do on the site and how are you going to ensure they come back for more information?

How you answer these questions will be the foundation to your story and should be the deciding factor for what kind of website you build and ultimately what kind of message you tell your current and future clients about what is important to you.

MassageBook tailors the template to your practice
Using the MassageBook website builder with its massage and bodywork specific templates allows you to easily add your information for creating an online presence as well as tailor it to a massage practice - and not just any generic business. Your new site will include everything you need to manage and grow your practice while keeping things unbelievable simple for you to maintain and update.

free massage therapy website

Here are some of the specific tools built in to a MassageBook website:

  • Your business name and background information

  • S.O.A.P notes tool

  • List of services offered, including Gift Certificates, Memberships and any Promotions you may be running

  • Reviews from Google, MassageBook, Yelp, etc., that you have received from current and former clients

  • Your Hours of operation

  • Links and integration with social media channels

  • Online calendar with your real-time availability and the ability to book online

  • Automated email and text reminders

  • Multi-Staff support

MassageBook has designed the layout and navigation to be simple for you to create and manage as well as for your clients to follow. It’s a win-win as you get your online business booming with a great looking website that includes every important feature, all with very little effort!

Create your free account now and see how easy it is to build an amazing website for your own massage business in less than 10 minutes.