Wanting to own your own practice, but can’t figure out how to get started?


Mobile massage may be the answer you’re looking for.


The list of pro’s is compelling: No office overhead, you can set your own hours, and mobile massage rates are often $100 or more for an hour.  Add in a tip, and it won’t take many sessions to make some nice extra income.


Setting up a mobile practice can be done in a day.


Setting up a mobile practice and advertising your services is easy if you use MassageBook. You get a professional looking website, free online booking, and a free listing in the popular MassageBook directory.


All that’s left to do is to set your availability. You’ll receive notifications any time someone books with you.


Is it REALLY that easy?


While setting up your practice and managing your schedule really is simple, it’s going to take some effort to get your first few clients, generate some positive reviews, and grow your reputation to the point where your ratings on MassageBook alone will bring you new clients.


Having had a successful mobile practice, I can offer you a few tips to get the ball rolling:


Tip #1

Have some professional looking business cards printed, and introduce yourself to local hotels, bed & breakfasts, convention centers – anywhere out of town folks might go. (Pro tip: Concierges LOVE reliable massage therapists)


Keep in mind that you’ll probably get just one chance to impress. If you get a call, answer it – and do whatever you can to be available. If you’re booked online – be there on time, dressed professionally, and exceed expectations.


Be prepared to do what it takes early on to be available and impress. Once you earn a reputation as a reliable, skilled therapist and your schedule gets busier, you can become more selective about when and how much you make yourself available.


Remember the part about just having one chance to impress? I mean it. If you can’t fully commit to having your afternoons or evenings interrupted by “last minute” appointments when you first start out – don’t bother trying to launch a mobile practice.


Tip #2

Massage is more than you, a table and some sheets.  Massage is an experience.  Little extras that enhance the experience include music, eye pillows and essential oils. Create a professional and relaxed setting wherever you go with a few carefully chosen items.  (Pro tip: Prepare a mini gift sache’ to leave after the appointment with your business card, a sprig of Lavender, and a small healthy snack.)


Tip #3

If you’re going to be moving your table around quite a bit, you’ll want to invest in a table cart. You’ll also want to plan how to organize and carry your sheets, oils, and accessories back and forth to and from your car.  Especially important if you have back to back appointments. (Pro Tip: A multi-compartment bag with a separate area for your leaky lubricants is best)


The hardest thing about getting started?


Getting started.


Lean on us to help get all your business, web presence, and booking tasks taken care of.  That’s why we’re here, and it won’t cost you a thing.


Then go introduce yourself to some folks who can refer you some clients, and get the ball rolling. Once you earn some reviews on your MassageBook profile, you’ll start seeing more new clients coming from the MassageBook directory, and you’ll be on your way!


Action beats deliberation. So go on already!