Intake forms are essential to every massage practice—especially digital ones that let you prep ahead of time. But, they don’t help you develop lasting relationships. It’s also important to really talk to your new clients—driving to the heart of why they’re there and putting them at ease.

At MassageBook, we know that every bodyworker is different, but there are 10 essential questions we think everyone should know about their client before , during and after an appointment.

In the pre-appointment questions, we focus not only on establishing a trusting, therapeutic relationship, but also ruling out contraindications.


1) How would you describe your lifestyle?

2) What is causing you pain or discomfort?

3) Can you describe the pain? Has it increased or spread over time?

4) Have you sought other treatments or are you taking medication for this pain?

5) Does this condition stop you from doing your daily activities?

6) Have you had a massage before? Did it help? What kind of massage was it?

During the appointment, we like to take cue from our clients in terms of conversation. Are they relaxed and quiet or are they energized and want to chat? The general rule of thumb is to be engaging but not to begin a separate line of conversation without the client’s direction.


7) How is the pressure? Would you like less or more?

8) Is there any area on which you’d like more focus?

During the post-appointment, you want to follow up on the service, get any immediate feedback and also instruct the client on follow-up care. These simple questions will keep the client feeling nurtured and (hopefully) coming back for more.


9) How are you feeling?

10) Do you have any questions about your massage or post-massage care?

If you ask these 10 questions (and any follow-ups they may lead to), you will certainly have established yourself as a trusted practitioner and also be able to take detailed SOAP notes to refer to next time the client books an appointment.