Of all the weapons in your online marketing arsenal, one of the absolute best ways to attract new clients and to ensure the loyalty of established ones is to create a consistent email marketing campaign. Here’s why you, with the assistance of MassageBook’s marketing tools, should strive to create connections with your clients that spread well beyond the walls of your office.

Keep Your Business Fresh In the Recipient’s Mind

Whether you send a message to the people on your email list once a week, once a month, or once a year, sending them on a consistent basis will keep your services on the forefront of your customers’ thoughts. If your recipients know they will get an email every Friday with an informative article and a special coupon, they will look forward to your weekly correspondence, talk about your services, and continue to book appointments. And by utilizing the campaigns feature within MassageBook, you can draft, save, and schedule emails to send on the day you choose.

Announce New Promotions

Whether it’s a new service to start off the season, a discounted series price, or a sale on aromatherapy candles, email is an effective, easy and affordable way to announce new promotions at your practice. From services to products, keeping your clients in the loop will keep them coming back. Include a link to your MassageBook listing at the bottom of the page, and give clients the chance to book right then and there.

Celebrate the Holidays

From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, wishing your clients the best during these special days creates a more meaningful connection between you and them. Include a one time discount or offer as a present, or simply send greetings of joy, happiness and wellness. Select from MassageBook’s holiday themed templates or add in your own pictures to really get into the spirit of whatever season you’re celebrating!

Wish Them a Happy Birthday

If you don’t want to shop for, sign, stamp and snail mail individual birthday cards to each client, then you need to at least send them an email. Everyone loves to be remembered on their birthday, and that includes your clients. And if you don’t have time to write each client a personal note, let MassageBook’s Autopilot do the work for you!

Educate Your Clients

Writing a series of articles detailing the benefits of massage therapy, attaching an e-book on how massage enhances one’s spiritual, physical and emotional life, and including links to engaging blogs are all phenomenal ways to educate your clients. Target specific people who you know experience similar health issues, and send them material about the benefits of your services. And filtering through those select clients is as easy as a few clicks when you create an email campaign. Plus, you’ll establish yourself as the industry expert in your community!

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Even though you know you offer the best service in town, it’s quite possible that some of your clients may have gone to other therapists before they found you. Maybe some of the people on your list signed up for your emails while visiting your website so they haven’t met you in person yet. Whether they’ve visited every joint town or it’s their first time seeing an industry professional, set the bar high by showing your clients that your personal and business skills are just as well rounded as your massage techniques.

Ensure Client Retention

Simply reminding your clients that you are available and open for business through consistent email connection is a great way to ensure they keep coming back. Once they realize how professional, skilled, thoughtful, and phenomenal you are at your job, they’ll never even think about going anywhere else. Plus, they’ll be more inclined to spread the word to others. Sending informative, fun, pleasant, and/or coupon-filled emails on a regular basis will help remind them why they appreciate your business so much!

Before you go signing into your account to set up your next campaign, keep in mind that sending emails on a regular basis to your new and established clients does not mean sending emails on a daily basis. Sending too many too often can have the opposite effect. No matter how engaging your emails might be, not everyone wants to see them every single day. Be strategic. Be engaging. Be Yourself. And with MassageBook’s help, be successful!