Well hello again!

Summer is winding down, which means it’s time to shift focus to setting up our practices for a great fall and winter season.

2017 was a great year, and our hat goes off to all of you MassageBookers for blowing away the previous all-time record of income from appointments and gift certificate sales during the fall and the holidays.

Very nicely done!

The new promotions feature we added late last last year worked like a charm and has been creating buckets of additional bookings for practices ever since. (Yay!)

This year we want you to do even better.

One of our main goals this year was to find new ways of increasing your income.

We’ve focused on three.

First out is the new integration with Square payments that should not only result in a more elegant checkout flow in front of your clients, but should also increase the number of tips you receive. (Read details below)

While I’m not ready to let the cat out of the bag quite yet on the other items we’re working on, they should be out in the next two-ish months, and both should really help those who need more clients and to generate more income.

As we roll through the back half of August, and as the kiddos go back to school, it’s time to focus more attention on our practices again, yet don’t forget to take the occasional deep breath and appreciate the opportunity you have to improve the lives of the people you touch.

‘Cause that’s why we do what we do, right?

Your biggest fans,

Mark and the MassageBook Team

What’s new:

  • Square Payments integration - full release!

  • Updated ad-lib emails for those of you with a touch of writer’s block


Square Payments integration - available to all!

First off - a sincere and hearty “Thank you!” goes out to all the Beta testers who kindly volunteered to help us refine and improve the new Square integration over the last month or so. Thanks to their pioneering spirit, the rest of you will benefit from some enhancements suggested by early adopters.

Given that the Square integration has been one of our most highly requested new features, you may already understand the benefits of what this brings to you.

If not, here’s the big deal:

If you already use Square, you know that taking payments on a tablet or phone with their POS app is pretty slick. Not only that, but the signature screen does a very nice job of making it easy for clients to select a tip amount - resulting in more tip income.

So how does the integration with MassageBook work?

With the Square POS app already installed on your tablet or phone,

  • Check out a booking from the schedule the way you normally would

  • Select the new “Square” payment type button

The Square app will automatically open and you’ll just go through the normal Square flow.

When the payment has been completed in the Square app, you’ll automatically be taken back to MassageBook, where you can choose to send your client a receipt.

The beauty of the integration is that all transactional details now live in one easy to reference place - MassageBook.

Client details will include a full history and accounting of all appointments and payments made (including the details of all Square transactions), and sales reports will now include the specifics of each payment made as well.

Works with all Square card readers and the very cool Square stand (shown in the image above), which works with iPads and can be purchased directly from Square’s website.

Audio jack plug-in card reader (free)

Contactless and Chip reader ($49)

Square Stand $169

  • Square processing fees are 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe, dip or tap. The same as their usual rates.

Writer's Block? Problem solved.


MassageBook has a really great email campaign tool.

With a ton of great looking templates, and a simple 3 step approach to sending emails to the clients you select, you’d think everyone would be using this proven way to generate more bookings.

The fact is - when you send emails out regularly, you see more clients come back more often.

So we had this idea: What if we went ahead and wrote a bunch of emails up for you?

Pretty great, right?

So we started with three, and we’ll expand the number in coming releases.

You’ll find that all three written templates are relevant to use now and through the fall.

To view the new written templates, start a new campaign and select one of the following templates:

Multipurpose templates:

  • Fall leaves 3 (Shown above)

  • Aah! (Title: Life happens, then what?)

Summer Templates

  • Beach Umbrella (Title: Back to school means back to you)

Just make sure to replace the placeholder text with your details and to add a button link to your website before sending.

As always, we’d love to get your feedback so please email us at support@massagebook.com so we can learn whether these written templates are helpful.

If so, we’ll be happy to add more so that you’ll never have to stare at a blank page again trying to come up with new email copy.