Can Facebook be used to drive new and existing clients into your massage practice?

The short answer is “yes”.

And getting Facebook to work for you is not as much as of a mystery as you may think… 

When I ask most massage therapists if they use their Facebook business page to help grow their practice, I typically hear something like this:

“Oh sure, I occasionally post things I come across that I think would be interesting for my clients.”

I ask, “Is it working for you?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t think so.”

Me, (to myself), “Argh :-(”

So I thought it was high time I remove the veil of mystery surrounding using Facebook as a tool to help grow your business. 

First, let’s get one important matter straight:

Facebook is not an excuse for a website – it’s to be used as an additional marketing tool.

There are several important reasons for this, but let’s skip the details on why for now and focus on using Facebook to grow your business. 

Got it? Facebook is not a business website. Ok. 

Now then, let’s start with the big picture.

The goal with your Facebook business page should be to: 

  • Attract prospective clients

  • Get them to book an appointment with you

  • And keep existing clients engaged so that they book more often

The focus is on getting visitors to your Facebook page to book with you.

You can entertain and amuse your Facebook visitors all day long, but if you aren’t able to convert their interest into dollars, then you’re wasting your time.

 And that’s exactly where most massage businesses fail. Not converting. 

So what to do? 

There’s a lot you can do with facebook, but let’s start with the basic pieces for now.  

Step 1 

You must, must, must have a way to convert Facebook visitors to bookings.  The easiest way is using MassageBook’s Facebook integration which allows you to display a “Book Now” option right on your Facebook business page. (See an example below)

Step 2  

Next, log in to your Facebook business page and open the “Settings” section.

Make sure you’re attracting the right visitors by editing your preferences in the “Preferred Page Audience” section.

Here you can select the geographic area that’s relevant for your business and even select the interests you feel are good matches for your facebook users.

There’s no need to attract visitors who are into chess and live in Vermont when your practice is in Florida…  

Step 3  

Start experimenting with different kinds of posts until you find a common and repeatable voice and themes that resonate with your preferred audience. One area that we’ve discovered works well for us in attracting the massage seeking public are posts related to mental and physical conditions that massage is effective in treating.  Give it a try. 

We try to make it easy for you by posting content on the MassageBook facebook page that you can re-use. Just re-post the articles that make sense for your audience on your timeline… 

But how do you know what’s working and what’s not? 

**Step 4 **


The last step is to look at how well your posts are being received within the Facebook “Insights” section (Shown below). 

Insights let you immediately see which posts are doing well and which ones aren’t.

Wondering what happened on the third post about stress shown above?  We saw that it was doing well, so we “Boosted” it, which simply means we paid for Facebook to promote the post to a larger audience. The dark orange in the bar shows the impact of the Boost relative to the non boosted performance. 

It won’t take long for you to learn what works and what doesn’t using the Insights tool. 

In your MassageBook account, we track the source of all bookings and clearly display how many came from your Facebook efforts, so you’ll always know what the dollar impact of your Facebook activity is.


I’ve outlined a simple, four-step approach that you can start implementing today to start driving more facebookers to your business page and book appointments.

 So you should do it. 

Many times the only thing standing between you and breakthrough success is a little information and a little push…

So now you have both. Hopefully, I’ve removed some of the mystery around getting Facebook to be profitable for you. 

As for the push – think of it as a compassionate hug followed by a firm yet loving push out the door as I send you off into the world of business a little bit better prepared to realize your goals. 

It’ll be ok. 

We have an amazing group of folks here at MassageBook who will help you every step of the way. All you need to do is ask for help if things get a little confusing or scary…