Need some help filling up your massage schedule during the busy holiday season?

It’s easy for clients to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle and forget about their own self-care this time of year.

MassageBook Promotions make it easy for you to create custom massage deals that are designed to give clients extra incentive to book and get on your table at a time when they probably need it most.

Don’t let your clients forget about the many ways you can help ease their holiday stress. Watch the video below to see how simple it is to plan and schedule your holiday massage promotions today!

October 2020 Update:

MassageBook now offers a seamless way to get your massage promotions in front of more new clients. Learn more about promotions made for increasing new client bookings.

Video Transcript:

MassageBook Promotions let you quickly create deals for services that you can easily advertise through email and social media.

This makes it super convenient to fill gaps in your schedule, target groups of clients with one time specials, and even give new clients extra incentive to book their first appointment.

You can create your own custom Promotions under the Promotions tab in the Marketing section of your Business.

Today, we’re going to create a discounted service that’s available for new clients throughout December.

On the Promotions page, we’ll select Create Promo to get started. MassageBook supports Gift Certificate Promos too, but in this example, we’ll select that it’s for a service in Step 1. Then we’ll give our Promotion a title and description that will appear on its public booking page.

On step 2, we’ll pick which services are available for booking. We’ll select our most popular 60 minute service and discount it by 20%. We can include multiple services that are booked separately as part of this Promo, but we’ll just stick with one this time.

On step 3, we’ll pick which staff can be booked. This makes it easy to create Promos for specific staff members only, but for this month long one, we’ll keep it company-wide and select all staff.

On step 4, we’ll choose how long it’s active. We’ll start it on 1st and end it on the 31st. That way it can be purchased throughout December.

We’ll let online booking availability extend through the following month, so we’ll select that it has to be redeemed by January 31st.

We can also limit availability to specific days and hours to help fill up slower times, but for now, we’ll let it be booked during any time we have an opening.

And on step 5, we’ll further define our settings. We’ll require prepayment to book the service. We’ll display it on our MassageBook website so that any new visitors there can view and book it. And since it’s for new clients only, we’ll check that box too.

If we’d like, we can even automatically end the Promo after a specific amount have been sold or limit the number of appointments that can be booked through its page per day, but we’ll keep those restrictions off in this example.

Once we’ve reviewed the details, let’s select Create Promotion to finalize and add the deal to the Promotion’s Dashboard where we can manage and share it.

Want to post to Facebook and Twitter? Use the Share tools here.

Each Promo also comes with its own webpage that can be shared using its custom link. Just select the Option dropdown to copy it. We’ll cover how to send it out through an email Campaign next time.

And while we’re here, we’ll select View Promotion Page to preview it within our account. This is a replica of what we’ll share. It outlines the details of the Promo and is where clients go to book the service. The option to book will show right next to the service name but the button won’t appear until the Promo starts. And on the rest of the page, clients can find out more about our business.

MassageBook Promotions—the easy way to attract new clients and get your existing ones booking more often!