The answer to filling gaps in your schedule.

If you’ve been looking for ways to attract new clients and get your existing ones booking more often, you’re in good company - most businesses have the same sticky problem. The answer? MassageBook Promotions. Quickly create deals for any combination of services, time, staff or even gift certificates and promote them across email, social media, the MassageBook Directory, and any other website.

Create a custom deal in two minutes

Tuesday afternoons are slow. But only for Sarah - your newest staff member.

With MassageBook’s promotions feature, you can quickly create a custom deal that’s only good for the day, time(s), staff and services you want to see your schedule fill up on.

Even limit the total number of deals available to purchase - or the number of allowed bookings per day for a deal.

If you can point to an empty spot on your schedule, you can create a promo to help fill it up.

Manage multiple promos at once

The Promotions dashboard shows all active promotions along with sales activity. It takes just a glance to see how they’re working.

Sales going nuts and you want to pause your promotion? A single click is all it takes.

You’re the one driving: MassageBook promotions provide quick and easy control over your promotions and deals.

Plan and schedule promotions in advance

Ever tell yourself something like “Next year, I’m not going to miss the Mother’s Day opportunity to sell more Gift Certificates!”?

Scheduling promotions for a future date allows you to plan your marketing strategy well in advance and ensures you don’t miss obvious opportunities.

How good would it feel to plan the next year out and create highly effective promotions for key times? Set it and forget it.

It’s like having your own marketing team executing your vision throughout the year. (without having to pay them!)

Target promotions to all - or just a few

Not all your clients need an incentive to book another appointment. You may only want to share a promotion with all the guys in your client list (Think Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day).

Or maybe just clients who you haven’t seen in over 2 months, or maybe all your running clients…

Using Promotions with MassageBook’s email Campaign feature is a great way to target specific individuals with deals and promos designed to make them act.

Promotions to increase Gift Certificate sales

Selling Gift Certificates during key times of the year can really explode your practice’s profitability. Those that have incredibly successful Gift Certificate programs know that even a little discount on Gift Certificates can increase sales dramatically.

Using MassageBook promotions along with the MassageBook Gift Certificate feature makes creating, selling and tracking discounted Gift Certificates a breeze.

The big winner? You.

No More Phone Tag... My Clients Love Booking Online

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