While the holidays are a great time to sell gift cards from your massage therapy practice, if you market them thoughtfully, you can successfully sell the most gift cards you ever have before!  Here are some easy ways to increase your gift card sales:

Email marketing

Whether your email list includes just your established clients who have visited your practice or potential customers who have signed up via your website to welcome direct emails from you, emailing is a direct way to promote your gift cards. You can include a picture of the gift card within the email, have an ad created around it for a newsletter you email, or simply send a personal note to everyone on your approved email list explaining the benefits of purchasing a gift card for themselves or others.

Social media

Undoubtedly you already have a business Facebook page, a business Twitter account, a LinkedIn business profile, and a business presence on Instagram; embrace these social media platforms! Your followers are connected to hundreds of other potential clients for your practice. On Facebook, you can opt to post blogs and photos of your gift card yourself, as well as purchase an ad on the platform to reach those who aren’t directly within your circle of contacts (yet) but who may be interested in your professional services.


Your website ought to be the mainstay for your gift card promotion throughout the year.  This is the perfect platform since your loyal customers may frequent it as well as potential new customers in your community who google companies offering your services.


Whether you choose to design and write this marketing material yourself or decide to hire a professional service to help you, including creative and effective postcards in your arsenal of promotional pieces has never been easier. You can opt to mail the postcards directly to people’s homes and/or companies, and/or drop them off at area businesses (perhaps in exchange for marketing those local companies’ services at your practice). Further, by offering a special pricing or additional promotion on the postcard with a specific timeframe in which to embrace it, it will help motivate the recipient to respond and invest in a gift card sooner rather than later!

Print ads

Since this form of advertising your gift cards can be costly, it is effective if you choose the right newspapers and zines in which to advertise. Local publications, medical newsletters, and beauty zines are great publications to explore.

Reward loyal customers

Giving away free gift cards to repeat clients entices them to return. It also generates word of mouth advertisement which is truly the best form of advertising. Rewarding your loyal clients lets them know you appreciate them. Depending upon the size of your client base, you can send them personal handwritten notes and include the gift card within the mailing. Whether they use the gift card themselves or give it to a friend, you’re guaranteed an additional opportunity to provide exceptional service.

Storefront Placement

Perhaps the most cost-effective way to promote your gift cards (since it’s free), you can simply displaying your gift cards at your reception desk! If you also offer decorative gift card envelopes or specialty-slit cards in which your customer can present the card as a gift to his/her friend, you increase the chance of selling the cards. Beautiful packaging sells products!

Phone Greeting

During your business hours, have your receptionist answer the phone with a greeting that includes mention of your gift cards. Something like, “Hello! Thank you for choosing ABC Massage Therapy. Would you like to purchase a gift card today that offers a buy one, get one free massage? How can I help you?” Further, during non-business hours, you can leave a recording on your voice mail detailing the same promotion.

Make gift cards a regular part of your daily business ~ not just during the holidays.  Customers will appreciate the opportunity to purchase them all year long for anniversary gifts, birthday presents, or simply “thank you” gestures to bestow to their family and friends.

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