Time really seems to fly, doesn’t it?

Life comes at us fast. The holidays have drifted into a distant memory, and we’re already approaching the end of January. Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it!

What do the next few months have in store for business? Is your digital marketing strategy in place? Have you even thought about one?

Don’t let key times to advertise sneak up on you.

Act now and reap the benefits later. Imagine the relief you’ll feel knowing you’re set up and ready to pounce on prime opportunities weeks (and months) in advance!

To help, we’ve created a marketing planner that lists holidays and special events throughout 2019, and ideas for how to make the most of each using Campaigns, Promotions, and Gift Certificates are included.

Use it as a resource for inspiration + success.

If you want to follow the tips to a T, that’s great! If you like an idea but need to change it around to better suit your model, go for it!

What really matters is that you’re well prepared, you’re aware of what opportune times are ahead, and you’re ready to seize the moment.

We’re standing by if you need assistance!

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P.S. You’ll find 12 new Gift Certificate templates available for selection online and in the Cash Register! A fresh look just in time for Valentine’s Day.

P.P.S. Have you seen the Setting Up for Success in 2019 guide? It walks you through creating a number of great year round promotions that are sure to increase your sales and get more clients on your table.