Madness—madness everywhere!

It’s what March is all about, right?

Sure, but as we all know, the madness we experience in life pays no attention to time. Whether it’s at a moment’s notice—or worse—something that’s been stewing inside, adversities can burst into frenzies that leave us feeling as if we’re going to crack into smithereens.

It’s at those crossroads when we need healing, a source of rejuvenation to correct our path north on the way to fulfillment.

Our March MassageBooker of the Month has been there, done that, and he now uses the power of healing others to heal himself.

It’s this earnestness for doing good that drives Frank Totino to work every day at his business, Reviving Hands Massage in Syracuse, New York.

We hopped on a call with Frank to discover how this humble family man’s determination to make it has prospered into a loyal clientele who rely on his services just as much as he relies on them.

You too can get to know Frank. Read on to find out how his approach to balancing therapeutic touch and technology is creating happy, healthy clients across the Upstate!

Frank wanted to start from scratch: it was time to hit the reset button on life down in Long Island.

That opportunity came after a move to Syracuse prompted his son, Jeremy, to encourage the two to check out Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. Becoming a healer always interested Frank, so as fate would have it, father and son became classmates. After graduating together, Frank moved on to become a LMT and is now certified in reflexology and cupping.

The first few years of navigating his way through life as both a massage therapist and business owner didn’t pan out quite like he envisioned, but his willingness to adapt through trial and error has finally established an identity for Reviving Hands Massage that he’s proud to call his own!

MassageBook: Hi Frank! We know you’re a busy man, so thanks for catching up with us. Tell us more about your practice. What type of patients do you normally treat?

Frank Totino: Most of my work is specialized in deep tissue therapy. Because I predominantly focus on long term, medical based treatment, the majority of my clients are people who experience chronic pain and injury. The wear and tear of life leads to ongoing headaches, backaches, tension in the shoulders—you name it.

MB: So how do you incorporate cupping techniques into your sessions?

FT: I’ll utilize it in situations when deep tissue is too much. It’s a much more noninvasive approach to working out tension in certain areas. Cupping isn’t poking into the body; rather, it’s separating the soft connective tissue away from the muscle so that the muscle can relax. It helps ease sensitivity and discomfort in a much different way than me pressing my fingers and hands into the body.

MB: And what about all that motivates your work?

FT: My hundreds of reviews. All the positive feedback I hear from my clients keeps me coming back. Seeing firsthand that my work is healing others is truly inspirational. I love what I do!

MB: It sounds like business has been booming recently. How has MassageBook helped your success?

FT: Pretty much everything about it makes my life much more efficient. It’s extremely cost effective and what I pay for is so worth it. My day to day is much simpler for both me and my clients, and I really appreciate that for them. I get a lot of comments about the ease of online booking. It’s very direct for all of us!

MB: Most of your clients book online, right? Do you encourage that?

FT: Oh yeah! I encourage it all the time, especially in my voicemail. I tell people to go to my website to book and that I’ll receive a text message about it. Even when people call to book, I still let them know about it for next time in the event that I’m unavailable. I want my clients to go online so that they can see my schedule and book a time that works with theirs. I don’t have to locate a time, and they can do it all on their own. It makes filling my calendar so much easier, and my clients will agree!

MB: Life is filled with highs and lows. What would you say to those out there who may be struggling to find success as a professional bodyworker?

FT: Just know that it’s going to take time. Don’t give up. If you really have a passion to be a healer, live for that passion. As long as you have an upbeat attitude and love what you’re doing, you can make it happen. Go out there and get after it. But be patient and always stay positive!

Real words from a man who has really lived it.

Thank you, Frank. May your wisdom inspire others to fulfill their dreams just like you!