As you may have heard, MassageBook recently launched an integration with Square allowing clients to easily connect their Square and MassageBook accounts.

Over the years MassageBook has quickly become one of the most widely used scheduling applications for massage and bodywork practices offering a complete software solution for scheduling, marketing, promotions, SOAP notes and business management tools.

A key element to the success of MassageBook is their passionate support of small independent massage and bodywork practice owners and their success in the face of strong corporate competition.

MassageBook’s vocal professional user base provides ongoing feedback for the development of the software. Popular requests like the one for a Square integration are made a business priority.

This new integration with Square allows MassageBook businesses a simple and seamless way to use Square during checkout. All transactional details are then recorded in MassageBook, providing businesses owners a holistic view in MassageBook into all client records and transactions.

Some of the key features that the Square integration offers MassageBook businesses are:

  • The same low processing fees Square already offers ( 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe/dip/tap )

  • Several card reader options, including a free mobile reader, the ability to dip cards for payment, and even NFC payment methods like Apple Pay

  • The ability to save cards on file to streamline future client checkouts

  • The ability to collect tips with ‘flip to tip’ signature screens on a mobile or tablet device

  • The ability to have custom logo plastic Gift Cards printed, sold and redeemed

  • Fast & reliable deposits - as fast as 1-2 business day

  • Chargeback protection - Square will cover your eligible chargebacks, free of charge

  • An interface consumers are already familiar with

  • All transactions and payment information recorded in the MassageBook app

MassageBook’s Square integration comes at a time when many massage and bodywork professionals are looking ahead to the fall and winter season, and are making key business decisions to improve their ability to tap into profit opportunities during the busy holiday gift giving season.

To encourage individuals to prepare their businesses for a successful fall and winter, MassageBook is offering a free 30 day trial plus 50% off any paid plan for 60 days to those new to MassageBook. All you have to do is sign up and/or upgrade by September 6th.

Already a MassageBook client and on one of our free plans? We’ve got you covered as well and are offering current free account holders the opportunity to upgrade to a paid account at 50% off for the next 60 days.

MassageBook’s commitment to keep its prices the lowest available, while providing ever-increasing value, is a refreshing change from competitors, who are known for charging extra whenever possible.

Experience how powerful using MassageBook to drive your practice can be and set yourself up to make this fall and winter holiday season the most profitable to date!

Ready to get Started?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click here to create a new Square account - already have a Square account? Skip to Step #2.

  2. Visit MassageBook to create your account if you have an existing free MassageBook account simply log into your MassageBook account, navigate to the settings section and select the “Plans and Billing” option.

  3. Then select any paid plan and we’ll automatically take 50% off your next two months.

  4. Once your MassageBook and Square account are created follow these instructions to activate the Square Integration.

But hurry…the 50% off for 60 days of a paid plan ends September 6th!

Questions? Reach out to our customer support team at or call us (843) 352 - 2026 we’d be happy to help!