Professional massage products right in MassageBook?!

Uh-huh. Oh yeah.

But you know the coolest thing?

You can use the “2Bucks” you’ve earned from completing your MassageBook profile to help pay for any of your purchases.

Wait, did you just say you don’t have a MassageBook profile yet?

You better get one quick because it’s going to make your business life a whole lot easier. And in our eternal quest to make MassageBook simpler to use, we’ve now placed all the profile setup pages and settings into one simple-to-manage screen.

If you need to change, add or tweak a setting, it’s all in one easy-to-navigate place. Now “Setup” means setup for everything.

And the other coolest thing is that while the iKnead store is offering just sheets right now, you won’t have to wait long until it offers many more products that “you need.”