Software might sound like a scary word. You may recall images from the 1990s of Microsoft employees hurriedly running around a big white room with huge desktops and floppy disks. But the truth is, software has come a long, long way and is easier and more intuitive to use than ever.

While you probably use software on your smartphone and other devices every day without thinking about it, one place you might not yet be using software is at your massage practice. After all, the massage and bodywork industry is notorious for its paper calendars and filing cabinets filled with client intake forms and SOAP notes.

However, much can be gained and learned from using massage practice management software. The list doesn’t end here, but this article focuses on five pain points you can solve with software: scheduling, paperwork, marketing, payments, and efficiency.


Taking online appointments that seamlessly integrate with your calendar is essential to any bodyworker on the move (and it’s usually the first tool they search for). Most people know how valuable a simplified work calendar can make their lives because they do it in their personal lives as well.

However, not all business schedulers are built the same. So what should be the deciding factors in your decision?

Your massage business scheduler should:

  1. Integrate with the digital calendar of choice

  2. Allow clients to book with you online

  3. Send automated appointment reminders

  4. Send digital client intake forms

  5. Allow easy recall of records from your calendar


If there’s one thing you know for sure, it’s that paperwork is a drag. It’s a drag in your physical space and it’s a strain on your personal time. When it comes to the drudgery of paperwork, less is better.

Imagine sitting down at your desk–after hours on your feet–and not having a pile of SOAP notes to locate, complete or update, and file. Going digital for your SOAP Notes and intake forms has never been easier and saves a lot of time and ultimately makes notes more useful by making them available with a single click when checking a client in or out.

Worried about transitioning from paper to digital?

We get it; it’s a process! The important thing to remember is that once you are set up, you will be so much more organized from anywhere! We’ve helped thousands of practice owners make the move from paper as well as a dizzying variety of other software - and it’s really not as big a deal as you might imagine.

And always rest assured that our Support team is always here to help you understand what a move would look like and to take you by the hand and walk you through any migration steps. No other software makes it so easy to get personal help. You can access a support team member live via chat inside the MassageBook software, call us directly, or email us. We are at your service!

How does it handle SOAP Notes?

SOAP Notes make you a better massage therapist and protect your clients and your practice. Your software for massage therapy business should make your SOAP notes easier to take and manage, not more complicated.

MassageBook Premium SOAP Notes write themselves (no, seriously) by allowing you to choose from common notes in dropdowns. Additionally, you can use the drawing tool to mark up an anatomical figure directly.


Marketing your business is a HUGE job; some might even say a full-time job! While you look very important wearing all those hats, we understand that massage therapists do not become professional marketers overnight. That’s why we have marketing tools that will help you promote your business to new potential clients, as well as to increase engagement and loyalty with your existing clients.

Marketing features include:

  1. Your customizable, full featured massage therapy business website

  2. Your free directory listing on

  3. Automated email marketing

  4. Custom promotion creation wizard

  5. Massage membership program enrollment & management

  6. Gift certificates

  7. Reserve with Google

  8. Online booking

If you’re like many massage therapists running their own practice, something you may not utilize to the fullest extent right now is your email list. Your potential and current clients are a huge pool of opportunity right now, and the easiest way to reach them is through email. MassageBook has pre-made templates that make beautiful emails for updates, promotions/discounts, or holidays.

You can track the effectiveness of your email campaign right in MassageBook. See how many emails you’ve sent, your open rate, and people who have booked appointments from your emails. Turn on “Autopilot” and setup emails that will automatically go out for things like birthdays, referrals, or clients who haven’t booked in awhile.

Billing & payments

Though you have many software for massage therapy business options, many only satisfy one or two of your basic needs. If your software doesn’t have comprehensive payment and billing options, you know it’s time to move on.

Square & Stripe

Many independent massage therapists use Square or Stripe for payments, which are the easiest ways for your clients to pay with a credit or debit card. MassageBook has direct integrations with Square and with Stripe, so you can set it up directly in your MassageBook account. Once you’re set up, your clients can pay online for services and gift certificates (even within the same day as your setup)

Gift certificates

If you’re not yet selling gift certificates, it’s a great idea. MassageBook lets you create, promote, and sell gift certificates online, adding extra income to your business without any extra effort.


At a minimum, software for massage therapy business can create more personal time in your schedule. You won’t be racking your brain for marketing ideas, email subject lines, or optimal scheduling. Instead, you will be able to get back to the job you love and connecting with clients.

Even if you have considered all of the above, we wonder if you’ve thought about how your schedule can work better for you. With Minimize Gaps, MassageBook users are able to set up online booking rules to ensure that you’re working as efficiently as possible and don’t end up with a bunch of dead times scattered throughout your day.

You used to let people schedule morning and evening in equal measure. Some days, you might end up waiting around from 1-4pm with no appointments. With Minimize Gaps, your clients will choose more optimal times for your schedule and cut back on your downtime, making your day more productive and less stressful.

Lastly, a word of advice: use massage-focused software

Gone are the days when you’d have to make a yoga studio’s software fit your business model. MassageBook was founded and designed by an independent massage therapist for massage therapists. There was a huge need in the industry for a tool that was not only user-friendly, but client-friendly as well. We developed (and continue to develop) new features products that massage therapists will love in an easy-to-use application (mobile app & desktop).

Independent practitioners will marvel at the ease of which you can: -Digitize intake forms and SOAP Notes -Mange client appointments -Invoice and collect payments -Create a website -Craft email marketing -Promote new services, packages, or discounts

And all without the help of an intern or “tech-savvy” kid.

We hope you feel like you’re now ready to take on the world by implementing massage therapy business software and would love to help you take the first step. Have questions? Reach out and email, call or chat with us! Or, go ahead and start your free trial!