Are you on MassageBook yet? Maybe you started that profile but didn’t finish because you just weren’t sure you needed an online presence, didn’t know if you’d have to pay for something or just didn’t have time to think about it?

Well, we’re here to encourage you to finish that profile and be on your way to lots of cool stuff you never have to pay for – web profile, SOAP notes tool (a favorite of our clients!), online scheduling, Facebook integration, automated emails and more.

And if you really want to make your business life easier and some SUPER FABULOUSLY COOL STUFF such as online booking for your clients, gift cards and newsletters, we’ve got a really simple – and very affordable – payment matrix.

As if all that weren’t enough, here’s a quick rundown of the newest cool things we’ve added in the past few weeks:

• Individuals not connected to active MassageBook businesses can still display services and receive appointment requests.

Woohoo!  You now have the option to create a list of personal services you offer and to accept appointment requests even if you work for a business that does NOT use MassageBook.

You’ll find this in the Personal Setup section under My Services.

• Massage therapy practices can accept appointment requests even if they are not using MassageBook scheduling.

Say you use another software solution (or no software at all), and you still would like to display your business in the MassageBook directory AND receive appointment requests via email.  Now you can do exactly this.

Controls are found in the Business Setup section in the Scheduling Settings section.

• How’s your business doing today?

Many business owners have very little visibility into how their business is really doing.  Your new Business dashboard page makes it easy to get a clear sense of how your business is doing – sales, repeat customers, website activity and more. We provide you full clarity of what drives success at your business all on one simple-to-read page.

• Modify existing SOAP notes

You can now edit any existing SOAP note’s details while preserving a full history of each note’s revisions over time.

• Expanded iKnead products  – Welcome Biofreeze !

Biofreeze products have been added to our iKnead store. Now you can buy sheets and Biofreeze too – yippee! (and don’t forget you can use 2Bucks – those awesome points you earn by completing tasks within your MassageBook profile – to pay for these!)

Assuming all this sounds pretty good to you – and we think it should – come on back and get that profile finished so you are on your way to a Snap! Crackle! Pop! massage therapy business.


-by Laurie Volkmann