Ignoring your calling in life is like being stuck in quicksand. Not only do you fail to move forward but you also find yourself sinking. You miss out on so many opportunities as well as the rewards that come with them. It affects everything from your happiness to your health to your career.

Maximizing your potential is the best way to a better life. Your life takes on meaning, giving you the drive and determination to achieve your dreams. When you live your life with purpose the rewards are abundant. You feel fulfilled and happy and these things lead to better relationships, health, success and career. Basically, you’re winning at life.

So, where do you stand? Are you winning? Below are eight sure-fire ways to know that you are, indeed, winning.

1- You feel complete.

You don’t feel like there’s something missing in your life. Instead of feeling stuck, you feel yourself moving forward on a meaningful path. You feel fulfilled and free.

2 – You feel confident.

You know you have purpose and you realize the world is better because of it. This is why you don’t have the obstacles of insecurity and uncertainty that drive people off their paths to success. Self doubt is the killer of confidence and everyone can sense that, including your clients. But you’re confident in yourself and this shows in your work.

3 – You have pride.

You’re proud of your work and you enjoy it. You don’t feel drained and bored because every day you allow yourself to learn and grow. You feel 100% authentic. You’re true to your calling and you’re true to yourself. Nothing provides contentment more than this.

4 – You see results.

Your business is booming and new clients seek you out instead of the other way around. You’ve made your mark on the world and now the world is sending you business because of it. You feel comfortable selling your services because you know they’re worth buying. Not only do you know your own worth but your clients do as well.

5 – You trust yourself.

You’re patient with others as well as yourself. You’re okay with the unknown and uncertainty because you have deep trust in yourself. You don’t need approval from others—your own confidence and courage is enough.

6 – You’re fearless.

You don’t avoid your fears, you face them head-on. Facing your fears has made you stronger, wiser and a better person. For you, fear is an opportunity to grow. You also don’t fear change, you welcome it—you see change as a way to create new and exciting possibilities.

7 – You go for it.

You don’t watch life go by and wish for things because you’re too busy living it and making those things happen. You feel charged and alive and you’re living with purpose. You invest in yourself and your business with confidence. You understand that the more you do, the more you can expect others to as well.

8 – You persevere.

You live life too passionately to ever feel like you’re struggling. Even when you face an uphill battle, you realize all those tough steps that make you stumble only serve to get you closer to the top. They also work to keep you on your toes and passionate, both professionally and personally. You also don’t get tripped up by frustration. You know your own potential and you’re certain that great things are ahead you because of it.

When you’re winning in life, you’re winning in your career as well. You’ll never be more successful than when you know you’re living with purpose. True belief in oneself means that you know exactly what you have to offer the world. When you give your best to the world, the world returns the favor.

You should never have to put your life on hold to seek out your destiny as they are one in the same. When your career is aligned with purpose, your income will be as well. Happiness, confidence, contentment and success all work hand in hand. If you feel that you fall short in any of these areas, then focus your energy and make the necessary changes. It’s all in your hands. When you change yourself you change your world.