Some struggle to find success following their dreams of becoming successful independent massage therapists or bodyworkers. The simple truth is that the ingredients for success are not complicated to understand. Where many fall down is in the “doing”. Today we’ll take a look at what it takes to build a thriving practice and provide you with some guidance on how to “do” it.  

At MassageBook we have years of experience helping smaller independent practices get off the ground and grow successful businesses. We’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t. Here’s what works:  

You and your office environment:

  1. Being nice

  2. Having really good technique

  3. Having a conveniently located, clean and welcoming office and treatment room

  4. Being attentive to the requests and needs of each client

The business and marketing stuff:

  1. Having a professional website with online booking and gift certificate sales

  2. Doing consistent email marketing

  3. Taking gift certificate sales seriously

  4. Managing your schedule and client data with a simple software solution

If you can do these things and organize your practice around a modern software solution to simplify day to day management tasks, you’ll find you’ll be very effective at the following:

  • Attracting new clients

  • Getting existing clients coming back more often

  • Keeping day to day administrative tasks to a minimum


Is it really that easy?

Yes and no. While the ingredients for success are clear, operating your own practice will always have its challenges.  

Not everyone will be easy to work with. Some will show up late or miss appointments. Some people will not be as pleasant as you’d like them to be.  

Some days you may be tired, a little sick or less than motivated – and you’ll still have to dig deep to give each client your best.

The guy in the office next door may be a pain and noisier than you’d like. The roof may start leaking one rainy day, the clothes dryer you use for your sheets may stop working at the worst possible moment.

And so on…

These are all things you don’t have a lot of control over. Try not to get hung up on them – that’s just the messiness of life.

Focus instead on what you DO have control over – running a tight, friendly ship in a really efficient way.


That’s where a system that’s already been designed for how massage therapists and bodyworkers work can be priceless in simplifying, organizing and streamlining the business and marketing side of your practice.

  Here’s what a simple to use software system can do: 

  • Allow clients to book new appointments online – anytime, anywhere. Without your lifting a finger.

  • Keep all your SOAP notes and client information perfectly organized and only a few clicks away.

  • Get you more clients by providing you with a professional internet presence and helping you rank in local searches.

  • Get clients booking more often by tracking their activity and automatically sending them occasional emails to keep your practice “top-of-mind”.

  • Sell more gift certificates for you with a simple solution for selling and redeeming them online and in your office.

  • Measure your success by tracking your business activity and easily visual ways.

  Be nice, do good work, use software to help you run your practice like a pro, and grow, grow, grow in 2017!