Stress: it’s a huge contributing factor to many illnesses and body ailments—but virtually unavoidable. As bodyworkers, you help your clients find relief from their symptoms, but it’s important to take stock of your own stress levels as well.


A 2019 study about stress reported that 57% of respondents felt “paralyzed” by stress.

Among Millennials and Gen Z-ers, 44% said that their main source of chronic stress comes from work.

Perhaps even more bleak, only 1/3 of respondents had seen a doctor about a stress-related issue.

The effects of stress on the body see no bounds. It can affect every body system and virtually every function:



First, we have to identify our triggers for stress.

Second, we have to become aware of its symptoms and optimize our bodies to deal with it as it arises. If we’re only taking stock of our stress levels when they’re very high, we’re not being proactive about our mental and physical health.

Third, we have to implement change.

Here’s an example of being proactive about your stress triggers. If finances are a tremendous source of stress for you, seek ways to educate yourself, set up goals and streamline your process for dealing with finances. This could mean investing in a personal budgeting tool, a CPA or a more streamlined way to create reliable income for your business.

Physically, stress manifests itself in very similar ways for most of us. You might see that your skin is producing excess oil and causing acne or other issues. You might notice that your breath becomes shorter and your heartbeat more erratic. Are your shoulders going up toward your ears? Are your hips tightening and creating lower back pain?

These are all signs that we need to start a more mindful relaxation practice. You can try meditation, yoga, jogging, stretching, deep breathing and more.

Exploring ways to lower your stress will help you guide your clients to do the same. Understand where your triggers lie and take proactive steps to change the game. Your body, your mind and your business will all flourish!