Love the arrival of Spring but tired of the sneezy, eye-watering, nose-itching conditions that inevitably arrive too?

We feel your pain. And we also know that taking meds constantly isn’t much fun either. But that pollen – and the constant headache – has got to go.

So we’ve got 5 natural remedies that will give you some relief until those flowers finish blooming and summer is here! WooHoo!

1. Saline rinse. 


Hands down this is the best thing to do to clear out the pollen and drainage that is keeping you clogged up!

2. Mandarin oranges.


Who knew? But it’s true, and it’s lovely! Not just for the Vitamin C, which you might assume, but for the synephrine that the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports is a natural decongestant.

3. Herbs and Probiotics


There’s a lot research about the benefits of stinging nettle – which has the natural anti-inflammatory quercetin to combat the effects of allergies. And there is also evidence that probiotics can change the way the immune system responds to irritants, thereby providing some allergy relief.

4. Hypoallergenic soaps, shampoos, etc.


It’s never a bad idea to reduce exposure to allergens, and hypoallergenic soaps is a good start!

5. Reduce Stress


You know the punchline, don’t you? With massage!

Yes…but it’s not just a clever answer, it’s a great solution! Massage can reduce stress, improve circulation and generally help the body relieve tension that exacerbates allergic symptoms. Not that you needed another reason to get a massage, but we believe you can never have too many!

And although it is a myth that honey will reduce your allergy symptoms, honey is awesome and we still recommend it for spring!

Here’s to a sneeze-free April! (or May?)

By Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann