Pani Tantiseri - **NYC THAI MASSAGE New York City**

  • Favorite healthy food?  Pad Thai J

  • Favorite indulgence? Coffee. I would definitely say it’s my aphrodisiac.

  • Favorite movie/book? My recent ****book: **“**Start Something That Matters”

  • Favorite music for doing massage?  “Temple of Love” by Rasa

  • Favorite music to listen to?  Any music performed by Bob Marley

  • Favorite kind of ice cream?  I enjoy anything made from green tea.

Background in massage? I’m certified in traditional Thai Massage from Wat Po; studied Thai Yoga Massage at Lotus Palm; certified in Professional Thai Massage trainer and have found NYC THAI MASSAGE as a way to combine my knowledge and passion in Healing Arts to create a truly unique relaxation and healing experience.

What do you like best about doing massage? When clients FALL ASLEEP and give me a big hug when they leave the session! A truly great hug is a rich experience that is an amazing compliment. I can’t tell you what that does to a massage therapist.

What inspired you to get into this industry? My personal story about Thai yoga massage. After a car accident, Thai yoga saved me from neck and lower back pain. I was so impressed with the results. The pain I had started to progressively subside after each session.  Thus, I decided to make this my new lease on life.

This job has rejuvenated my mind and body beyond expectations. I believe that freeing the body of accumulated tension and resistance empowers the individual.

I thank my grandmother who was my first teacher and to every person who walks into my practice – for they are my greatest teachers.

What do you find are your biggest challenges – as a therapist? as a business owner? My biggest challenges are finding the balance between my work life and personal life. When you create a balanced life, you feel calm, grounded and motivated. Balance, peace and joy are the fruit of a successful life.

**How do you think MassageBook can help with your business? **I like to try something new. Perhaps, MassageBook and I will be a mature brand together. MassageBook has very good customer service and that keeps a business thriving for many years to come.

Who are the important people in your life? My family is the key to my success in life. I am so lucky to have supporting family and friends who love me unconditionally and are my support system. Special thanks to my staff for all that they do for me and always put NYC Thai Massage as their priority.

What do you like to do for fun? Traveling, beach sports, yoga, run, kick boxing, sky diving, rock climbing and salsa dancing.

How do you like to relax? Lie down on the beach and do nothing or just chill at a winery while drinking my favorite glass of red wine (but if it’s all gone, I’ll opt for the white wine…lol!)